Digital Scrapbooking at School

Scrapbook MAX! is the popular digital scrapbooking program used by thousands of people around the world. With Scrapbook MAX! and our “Back to School” expansion pack (designed in consultation with professional educators), you can bring the fun and creativity of making great looking pages into your classroom.

Easy-to-use for countless kinds of school projects, it’s the perfect tool for classroom computer labs and homeschool settings!

Make Schoolwork Fun

Students of all ages can use Scrapbook MAX! to combine digital photos and text with our school-themed templates and clipart, then share in print or digital formats.

The school project possibilities are endless! With awesome themes like “Budding Scientist”, “Artistic Flair”, “Around The World”, and “Say It With Music”, students can enhance homework assignments, design creative title pages for reports, keep a school activity journal, make a student portfolio to track learning and development, and much more!

For Younger Students…

With our friendly point-and-click interface, young students can easily add photos and simple text to a neat-looking pre-made template page. A great introduction to using the computer!

For Older Students…

Homework just got a bit more exciting! Your students can start with a pre-made template or make pages from scratch for all sorts of purposes – printed reports and assignments, electronic student portfolios, even cool multimedia slideshow presentations. Help unleash your students’ limitless creativity!

Teacher’s Resource Guide

How can you use Scrapbook MAX! in your classroom? View our PDF presentation for ideas!

Scrapbook MAX! School Ideas

With Scrapbook MAX! and the “Back to School” expansion pack, students can combine digital photos and text with our professionally-designed school themes and clipart to make stunning pages. And since you can share your pages in print or digital format (slideshows, on CD-R, through email, web, etc.), the project possibilities are endless!

Here are just a few fun ways you and your students can put Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software to use in your classroom:

  • make eye-catching title pages for reports and assignments
  • build an electronic schoolwork portfolio tracking assignments and development
  • present a research project as a multimedia computer slideshow (complete with music!)
  • scan “old-fashioned” family photos and make a family tree album
  • make awesome pages for a class or school website
  • design cool posters for school events
  • create programs and bulletins for school plays and concerts
  • scrapbook school milestones: first day of school, academic awards, sports, graduation
  • use for personal journaling
  • design school-themed screensavers for classroom computers
  • make original pages for school newspapers, newsletters and yearbooks
  • and more!

Get Scrapbook MAX! For Your Class

Scrapbook MAX! School Edition is ideal for school computer labs and homeschool settings. For classrooms and computer labs with multiple computer workstations, your best value is the Scrapbook MAX! School Edition Classroom Lab Pack.

Each Classroom Lab pack includes:

  • Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 Software
  • “Back to School” Expansion Pack
  • A special license that allows you to install the School Edition on up to 30 computer workstations in a single classroom/lab or throughout a single school building. (For more than 30 computers, multiple lab packs can be purchased.)

The Scrapbook MAX! School Edition Classroom Lab Pack is priced at only $295 (+S & H). (That’s under $10 per computer!)

Buy a Classroom Lab Pack for your school today!

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