Color Matching Tutorial

We’re going to show you how to use the eye-dropper “color picker” in Scrapbook MAX! 2.0. You can activate the eye-dropper and choose a color from your page whenever you are presented with a color selection box.

We’re going to colorize the black caption text in the page below with the eye-dropper so that it takes on the exact color of the “apple” embellishment. Remember: You can use the eye-dropper to select a color whenever you see the color selector box.

Using the Eye-Dropper Color Picker

Step by Step Instructions – Using the Eye-Dropper “Color Picker”

Step 1. On the Caption Properties, click the arrow on the color selector box.

Step 2. Choose More Colors.

Step 3. Move your mouse to select a color from your page as shown here (we’re selecting the pink shade of the stitched apple embellishment). Notice how the cursor turns into an eye-dropper:

Step 4. Click your mouse, and the eye-dropper grabs this color to colorize your object (in this case, our caption)!

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