Installing Scrapbook MAX!

If you are installing the downloadable version of Scrapbook MAX!, follow the installation instructions found in your download instructions email. If you have are installing Scrapbook MAX! off of a CD/DVD-ROM, insert the CD/DVD-ROM into your CD/DVD-ROM drive. The autorun menu will open up the install wizard automatically, or you can navigate to your CD/DVD-ROM drive and double-click on the setup executable to begin installing the program.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Follow the prompts on the Scrapbook MAX! Install Wizard screens

Whether you are downloading the program from your emailed download instructions, or installing off a CD/DVD-ROM, you will be presented with the Scrapbook MAX! Install Wizard.

The Install Wizard
The Install Wizard

When the Scrapbook MAX! install wizard appears, read each screen, clicking ‘Next’ to continue.

It is important to accept the default setup options—you should only change this information if you have a specific reason to do so.

2. Run Scrapbook MAX!

Once installed, you can run Scrapbook MAX! at any time by either double-clicking on the Scrapbook MAX! icon that appears on your desktop, or by choosing Programs > Scrapbook MAX! from your Start menu.

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