Scrapbooking Ideas & Inspiration

You’ve seen gorgeous pages made by other scrappers, bursting with cute embellishments, funky text, and color-coordinated themes. How can you do the same with your photos?

The answer is to start with a theme! There are so many scrapbooking possibilities out there, that it can be completely overwhelming without a plan. The good news is that your plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a moment to think of the kind of scrapbook project you want to make. What is the main idea? Is it an occasion, like Christmas, or first day of school? Or is it a style that you’re after, like frilly and feminine, or 100% “all boy”?

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Once you choose your theme, you can dramatically narrow your search and easily find the perfect kits for your project. Having trouble choosing a theme? Never fear! Take a look through the list below for scrapbooking ideas and inspiration (listed in alphabetic order).

Baby Scrapbook

What can be more precious than the very first memories of all – memories of bringing home baby. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or friend of someone who has given birth, creating a baby scrapbook is a special project that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. Many beautiful baby kits are available, so the style is up to you: cute, classic, feminine, masculine, etc.!

Birthday Scrapbooks

Everyone loves a birthday party, and what’s not to love? There are friends and family, fun and games, cake, presents, and a spirit of joy all around! Birthday scrapbooks are a terrific way to look back on all those good times. Scrapbooks with festive party colors, or colors and elements of the party’s theme will be treasured by the birthday boy or girl, even when they’re grown up! Why not scrap a new page for each birthday? 7, 8, 9, or 59!

Boy Scrapbooks

Boys will be boys, but not all boys are your boy – so you need to make a special scrapbook that captures his personality! Is he a daredevil? Look for bright, vibrant themes with superhero motifs. Mad about dinosaurs? Jungle themes and T-Rex embellishments will bring those pages to life! Does he have a favourite color? Work it! Your little guy will really appreciate these special pages when he’s all grown up!

Christening Scrapbook / Baptism Scrapbook

Christenings and baptisms are important events of dedication and faith. They are often accompanied by celebrations with family and friends. What a meaningful and momentous occasion, with memories ideal for a scrapbook! You might even consider giving a framed, beautifully scrapped page of the christened person accompanied by a meaningful verse or quotation as a lovely gift.

Christmas Scrapbooks

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays is through, life suddenly seems quiet. That means that it’s the perfect time to rekindle Christmas cheer and scrap your special memories! Fill your scrapbook pages with festive reds, green and golds, frosty snowflake embellishments, Christmas wish lists, and photos of the kids with Santa. Baby’s first Christmas, or photos of far-away relatives who came to visit make for very special pages.

Easter Scrapbooks

Easter goes hand in hand with spring and new life. Light, fresh colors and images of hope can help you to make lovely scrapbooks to commemorate this special time of year. Easter egg and Easter bunny embellishments can hop onto pages that capture your backyard Easter egg hunt photos. Family gatherings and church celebrations are joyous times that will always have a special place in your scrapbook albums.

Everyday Scrapbooks

The best part about scrapbooking is that you don’t always need a special occasion to make a great page. You can get inspired by the people and things around you, and by what you do everyday. Trips to the park, climbing a tree, your dog’s non-stop antics, or a grandchild cuddling with grandma can make for the most memorable pages of all! For everyday pages, look for colors and textures that inspire you and set the right mood.

Family History Scrapbook / Heritage Scrapbooks

The digital age has opened so many doors for those who want to learn more about their roots. The Internet can be your best friend for finding family facts, and you can now scan and save precious family photos for posterity. Family Heritage scrapbooks are a special way to bring together photos, family history, and classic heritage elements to help you tell your family’s unique story.

Feminine Scrapbooks

Flowers, lace, elegant fasteners, buttons and brads. A palette of lavender, pink, peach and cream. Soothing tones, and antique elements. Do you know of someone who loves all things feminine? Perhaps that’s you! Delightfully feminine scrapbooks are elegant and classy. These themes are suited to formal photos, and special occasions. Sometimes, it’s fun to use feminine themes even for more everyday events to add a hint of romance.

Girl Scrapbooks

Do you have a little princess who is just too cute? Scrap all of her antics, and keep that captivating smile in a special scrapbook. Styles can range from girly-girl to funky fresh, from sparkly to grungy. You know what suits your princess best! Whether you are scrapping your baby girl’s first year, your pre-teen’s sporting victories, or your older teenager’s grad, there are kits just right for you!

Graduation Scrapbook / Prom Scrapbook

Graduation is an important time in a young person’s life. Many decisions and lots of hard work have led to this day. Imagine how special it would be to present the graduate in your life with a scrapbook that looks back through the years, capturing the evolution of the young man or woman he or she has become? Elegant graduation ceremonies and exuberant grad/prom celebrations can also be made into stunning pages.

Halloween Scrapbooks

Halloween provides endless photo opportunities: school costume parties, getting dressed up, first night trick or treating – maybe even a picture or two of the candy stash your little vampires and fairy princesses bring home! Lots of great photos means lots of inspiration for your scrapbook pages. Fill yours with adorable ghosties and ghoulies and jack-o-lanterns faster than you can say BOO!

Homeschool Scrapbooks

Homeschool parents know how important it is to keep a portfolio of their children’s work and progress. Scrapbooking is a great solution! With the ability to combine photos, journaling, and school-themed elements, a homeschool scrapbook really tells the story of your child’s education and achievements. In fact, your child will love to scrapbook, too. Have them do creative assignments (and hone computer skills) with digital scrapbooking!

Masculine Scrapbooks

For the boys and men in your life, masculine themes are a great choice. Look for muted colors, grungy neutrals, and plenty of wood, metallic, and stone elements. Brads, buckles, fasteners, and tags can also add a masculine tone to your scrapbook projects. There are also plenty of kits for specific masculine themes like sports, cars, fishing, guys’ night, groomsmen, boating, camping and more.

Religious Scrapbooks

Religious-themed scrapbooks are a beautiful way to remember the important events in one’s spiritual life or the life of a religious community. You can make pages to celebrate important faith milestones, such as christenings, confirmations, and bar mitzvahs. Scrapbook pages can capture the fun of youth group outings, and fellowship events. Solemn moments can be remembered by journaling favourite verses and quotations.

School Scrapbooks

School scrapbooks are fun for parents and kids – you can even make school scrapbooks together! Hold on to special school memories by scrapping your way through important school events like awards nights, sports championships, school plays, and graduation. And don’t forget about everyday school fun for your pages, like friends, art projects, class pets – your child can even do homework projects “scrapbook style”!

Scrapbook-style Invitations, Cards and Other Items

Digital scrapbooks don’t necessarily have to be shared as photo albums. Since you can combine photos, text and elements, and print at various sizes, the possibilities are endless! Wedding invitations, birth announcements, Christmas cards, bookmarks, gift tags, and more can all be made using digital scrapbooking techniques. Let your imagination run wild for your next creative “scrapbook style” project!

Sports Scrapbooks

Although some days you might feel like a taxi service(!), let’s face it – you’re proud of your kids’ sporting activities and achievements! Scrapbooking is a great way to remember and celebrate all those amazing sporting victories: first soccer game, gymnastics wind-up, baseball championships, cheerleading events, and more. There are tons of great kits out there to help you scrap your little champ!

Teenager Scrapbooks

Teenagers love to pose for the camera (okay – not always!). Maybe your teen isn’t shy about grabbing a friend and making kooky faces. Or, maybe she/he is involved in an activity, like a sports team or a drama club? Colorful photos from special events can be enhanced in a scrapbook, complete with journaling to commemorate the event. A teen scrapbook is a great keepsake for you and for your teen, especially once they’re grown!

Vacation Scrapbook / Travel Scrapbook

On the road (or plane, or train, or boat) again! Whether you are travelling the world or going camping half an hour out of town, vacation is the time to flex your camera’s muscles! Look for world map and flags-of-the-world embellishments to capture your destination adventures. Rustic moose, fish, and pine tree elements can bring the great outdoors right into your pages.

Wedding Scrapbooks

So much time, care and energy goes into planning a whirlwind wedding day. A wedding scrapbook is the perfect way to make the memories last forever! You’ll be dazzled by the array of styles to choose from: romantic, classic, modern, “garden party”, traditional, on-the-beach, and more. Creative scrappers can even use digital scrapbooking for making announcements, invitations, thank you cards, and place cards for the reception.

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