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Here are just some of the actual reviews and testimonials we’ve received from real customers about Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software…

I really love scrapbooks and I see the most beautiful works made with Scrapbook MAX!. I’m so happy. Scrapbook MAX! is perfect and is simple to use. Congratulations!
Jaqueline Strassburger – Vassoras – Rio de Janeiro, BR

Scrapbook MAX! is so easy to use and the results excellent. Great value for money. I also have the Wedding Edition and I don’t just use it for Weddings, it can be adapted for so very many occasions. I don’t just use Scrapbook MAX for scrapbooks, I also use it to create greeting cards, mini albums, creating backing papers for traditional scrapbooking. It is very versatile.
Jackie – Manchester, GB

I’ve had the Scrapbook MAX! software now for 8 months and I love it for making my digital scrapbook pages! It is easy to use and does everything I need it to do to make some beautiful pages … I’d happily recommend it to anyone – they would not be disappointed!! A great package that does exactly what it says on the tin!!!
alicia williams – staffordshire, GB

This is a fantastic program – a great program. I think this is one of the best things I ever bought. Thank you.
Mercedes Pascual – Palma de mallorca, ES

I’m not very creative naturally, but I love creating slide shows of family gatherings. Since my family is spread across the country due to Military Service, I try to find ways to share what is going on in our lives with everyone. I was ready to step it up a notch with my slideshows but lack natural creativity necessary for quality scrapbooking. Also, since I live in military housing (very small) I don’t have space for a lot of stuff required scrapbook. I’ve been looking into digital scrapbooking for a few years now, and hadn’t found anything that was all inclusive as far as materials, flexibility and publishing formats. This software combines all the things I like to do with picture slide shows (making videos, adding music etc) in one package. It’s very easy to use, and has a wide variety of options to help all the creatively challenged like myself!! I’m so relieved to have found this software in time to create our ‘year in review’ prior to our Thanksgiving family gathering!!
Jan – Hampton, VA, US

Just love Scrapbook MAX!. It’s easy, fun and addictive!
Beverly – Gold Coast, FR

I have used Scrapbook MAX! to make some lovely presents for friends that would have taken weeks with other programs.
Sue Hewson – Lincoln England, GB

I would like to say Scrapbook MAX! is the greatest – so user friendly, it can make any beginner look like a professional. I would also like to mention that the booster packs you can purchase are just fabulous. THANKS SCRAPBOOK MAX AS THIS IS MY TIME OUT – AS I AM CARER FOR MY 89 YR OLD MUM AND AM QUITE LIMITED IN MY ACTIVITIES AND THIS HAS HELPED ME IMMENSELY.
Agnes Herron – Alphington Victoria, AU

When I bought a new computer my mother gave me Scrapbook MAX! as a gift and it has become my favorite computer program. I have made 3 8×8 scrapbooks now and I visit the online community almost every evening to read the comments of the members and check out the exciting new things they have created. I recommend Scrapbook MAX! to anyone who enjoys scrapbooking or would like to try their hand at it. It is so easy and is a good stress reliever.
Connie Clapier – Marsing, ID, US

I love Scrapbook MAX!! It’s fun and very easy to use. I had tried other programs, but this is the best!
Sandy Desaulniers – Seal Beach, CA, US

Within 30 minutes of downloading the free software I had made the decision to purchase the full version. As I am in the UK I thought it would take 4 weeks to arrive, but received it in only a week. It is probably the most intuitive program I have ever used. I am now well and truly hooked.
Diane Tomkins – Hertfordshire, GB

I can’t say enough about scrapbook Max it is so easy to use i have been using it for years now and have add so many templates etc i have tried other sites but none compare to this so thank you Scrapbook Max
Margaret Hearnden – Crescent Head, na, AU

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