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Here are just some of the actual reviews and testimonials we’ve received from real customers about Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software…

I just got my CD and I love it!
Connie Law – Beaver, OK, US

I’m disabled and do EVERYTHING on the computer. This was so perfect for me!
I had given up scrapbooking when my health kept me from setting up my scrapbook stuff w/o being dependant on others. I LOVE the freedom it gave me to do everything myself! I love the option of making a DVD/CD or adding music to my books. Also, my daughter is homeschooled and we have agreed that her school year project will be a designed book for each subject. The best part is she’s the one who thought of it because she loves the program (especially adding music)! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get started on more!!!!!
Michelle Beaver – Arlington, TX, US

Just finished using the trial version and I love it! Will definately be ordering the complete version of Scrapbook MAX!. I am an avid scrapbooker and this will make it more enjoyable. Thank you for a software program that is so user friendly.
Alfreda Rogers – Calumet Park, IL, US

I was thrilled to finally find a program that was easy to use and afford. I have tried to learn the Adobe programs and they are just too hard. I don’t have the time or the patience. Scrapbook MAX! is the best of both worlds. The final test was in the quality of printing and my pages have turned out beautifully. Thanks!
Kari Dalton – Henderson, NV, US

I absolutely love this program. I was addicted after just a few minutes on the trial version. Bought Scrapbook MAX! after just 1 hour of the trial version. Am telling everyone I know about it!
Cherie Porter – Anderson, IN, US

I love my Scrapbook MAX!. I put all my pictures on the computer and it is so much easier to do it all on the computer and print it all out than it is to keep up with a lot of different things. Don’t get me wrong I also do table top scrapbooking but I love the computer alot more.
Amy Schow – midland, TX, US

Scrapbook MAX! is by far the best scrapbooking software on the market! I own just about every scrapbooking software there is… (bought them all before finding SBM). Scrapbook MAX! is very easy to use, and you can use items that come with the program, items that others create and share on the Scrapbook Max forum, or ones you have purchased. Yes… all of them. The program allows you to move items around where you want them, remove items you don’t want, change the colors or shapes ect. You get to decide how your layout looks. There is a little Artist in all of us, Scrapbook MAX! just opens the door for us to be as creative as we want to be!! You also can upload your layouts for others to see, and the Scrapbook MAX! Community is amazing. They share free layouts, embellishments, tips and tricks to help along the way. If you haven’t tried Scrapbook MAX! you really are missing out on a fantastic program that offers so much more. Endless possibilites.
Trish Jenkins – Clarksville, TN, US

Like many others I had been looking online for the “perfect” digital scrapbooking program. Well I found it in Scrapbook MAX!. So easy to use and the friendly online help is just like having an extended family to talk to. The templates are so beautiful and you get to use them over and over. Money saved right away. I found Scrapbook MAX! because I was looking for ideas for pages. You can not feel any thing but lucky when you have this program. Makes every one so talented with their pages.
Gale Wharley – Townsville, AU

Awesome program. Very user friendly.
Tracy Workman – Pinellas Park, FL, US

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