Supported File Types

This topic describes the various file types that are supported in Scrapbook MAX!:

Audio Formats

Image Formats

Additional Embeddable Formats


Audio Formats

For the best quality compressed audio, we recommend using the new Ogg Vorbis (.OGG) format. OGG files offer greater compression and better sound quality than the MP3 format in most cases. You can learn more about the Ogg Vorbis format and available conversion tools by visiting:

Background audio can be added from the Publish to Movie, Publish to Slideshow, Publish to Slideshow CD and Publish to Screensaver dialogs. The following audio formats are fully supported for playback in Scrapbook MAX!:

Filename Extension



Ogg Vorbis



Image Formats

The following image formats are supported for backgrounds, photos, embellishments, and paper scraps in Scrapbook MAX!:

Filename Extension




Aldus Placeable Metafile

A desktop publishing image format.


Microsoft Bitmap

An uncompressed file format, so it takes up lots of disk space.


Windows Enhanced Metafile

A Windows vector image format converted to bitmap.


Joint Photographic Experts Group

Primarily used for photographs.


Photo-CD (Kodak)

Designed to store multi-resolution images.


ZSoft Paintbrush

Can store images in 24 bits and 8-bits or less.


Portable Network Graphics

Decent at compression. Ability to store an alpha channel.


Adobe Photoshop

Professional image editing format.



24-bit color image format.


Aldus Corporation format TIFF

A popular loss-less image format.


Graphic Interchange Format

A 256 color image format. Animated GIFs are not supported.


Windows Metafile

Common in Windows 3.1, usage discouraged.

Additional Embeddable Formats

The following are some additional formats that can be viewed through objects in Scrapbook MAX!:

Filename Extension



Journal Text object