Page Settings

The page settings dialog contains settings such as the background color, image, and size.

Tip: You can access the currently displayed page's settings dialog by either choosing Page > Settings... from the program menu, or by right clicking on the page and selecting Settings.

The page settings dialog contains the following two tabs of settings:



A preview of the page background.


Background color:

Cover the page's background with a single, solid color. You can click the select button to bring up a color chooser.

Tip: Clicking the "More Colors..." button on the color menu allows you to choose a either a standard color/custom color, or use the eyedropper to pick a color from somewhere within the Scrapbook MAX! application window.

Background image

Display an image as the page's background. The image will be resized to fit the page.


Opens the Select Image dialog where you can browse for a background image file.

Note: The background image can be one of the following image formats:
.bmp, .jpg, .pcx, .png, .tga, .tif, .wmf, .apm, .emf, .psd, .pcd, .gif (not animated).

For more information, see the Supported File Types topic.

Tile image

Cover the page's background with copies of the image placed side-by-side and top-to-bottom, like tiles on a floor.


The slider controls how transparent the page background image will be. When the slider is moved to the far left (zero transparency - opaque) the background image is made completely opaque (fully visible). Moving the slider to the far right (value = 100) will make the background image completely transparent (invisible). Adjusting the slider in between can be used to make the background image translucent (see-through).


Page Size


The size you want to use for the current page. Choose from a series of common preset sizes, or select Custom to configure a custom page size. The Regular Scrapbook - Square (8 x 8 inches) is the standard and best option for most users providing fantastic results on both computer and printed media. Generally the larger the page, the more data it will contain resulting in a better picture if printed. However, increasing the page size beyond the default may result in Scrapbook MAX! becoming slower when designing.

While 8 x 8 is the standard in scrapbooking, Scrapbook MAX! also offers a variety of common sizes for photo albums or picture frames.


The width of the page surface, in the selected Size units.


The height of the page surface, in the selected Size units.

Size units:

The size units you want to use for the Width and Height values. Choose from Pixels, Inches and Centimeters. This setting is generally a personal preference or what you are most comfortable with.


The resolution you want to use for the current page in Resolution units. This value represents the resolution or detail of the image. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image will be. Scrapbook MAX! uses a default of 200 which is a perfect balance between size and quality.

Resolution units:

The resolution units you want to use for the Resolution value. Choose from Pixels/Inch and Pixels/Centimeter.