The Groove November 2008

pkdoll - Vintage Burgundy

A lovely layout by pkdoll that takes us back to the elegant parlours of yesterday. Thanks for sharing!

In the Groove

We’ve packed The Groove with your usual favorites, but we need to begin with some BIG news (drum roll please…)

Scrapbook MAX! now offers BOUND PHOTOBOOKS, and other amazing PRINTED PRODUCTS (think puzzles, keychains, stickers and more!!) with WORLDWIDE SHIPPING (and super low prices!). As a subscriber to The Groove, you’re among the first to hear! Find more information below ( we know, we know…this is HUGE!).

When we called for vintage layouts, many of you responded with incredible layouts featuring family memories from year’s past. We thank you for sharing these special moments with us, and want to congratulate you on telling a story with your photos by making a layout – this is the essence of scrapbooking, isn’t it?

Be sure to read on for a fabulous freebie offering and unique monthly challenge, both by designer Carena Scott. Look for a special discount on some of her featured kits!

Have fun reading The Groove (and get ready to do start checking off your Christmas list!).

Vintage Layouts, Family Memories

Below are a few of our favorite family memories vintage layouts. What they have in common, besides special family photos, are soft colors and elegant elements. We love how though the different pieces remind us of the past, they also have a timeless quality. And this reminds us that though the people in our vintage layouts may no longer be with us, the way they touched our hearts go on and on.

Thank you to twpclerk, bluevelvet and scrappymammawgf.

twpclerk- Vintage Family Lovebluevelvet - Vintage Tea Cup and Ribbonsscrappymammawgf - Vintage Mothers and Daughters

Cherished Collections

It’s really true that a picture is worth a thousand words. And if that’s the case, then a collection of treasured photos can hold a novel’s worth of memories. We loved these two layouts that combined several photos to paint a beautiful story – or a beautiful picture – of special lives lived. Thank you, sacannon and scrappyfrog for sharing these special layouts!

sacannon - Vintage AncestorsScrappyfrog - Vintage Shadowbox


Scrapbook MAX! Now Offers Photobooks, Prints, and other Printed Products – Ships worldwide!!!

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So don’t wait another minute – check out our amazing printed products, and make them shine with your layouts and photos!

Scrapper Profile

Carena Scott Carena Scott (and lovely daughter!)

Get to know Carena Scott, a Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store Designer (she supplied The Groove’s freebie and challenge this month – see below!), and friendly, knowledgeable, always-ready-to-help presence in our online community. Get to know a bit more about Carena (can you say “line dancing” and “Sean Connery”…?).

Q- Tell us a little about yourself.

A- Well I’m not that interesting really. I’m a single mum to my darling daughter – Caitlyn – whom you all must know quiet well as she is my favourite subject to scrap. I live in New Zealand. I had 17 years in Brisbane, Australia but am happy to now be back in my beautiful home land. When I left school I went into the banking and worked for Westpac Bank for a number of years both here in New Zealand and Australia. I think that is where some of my curiosity comes from in how to work out how something is done. I’ve always had an interest in numbers and analyzing things.

Q- How did you get started on digital scrapbooking?
A-I got interested in scrapbooking thanks to my neighbour. She wanted to put a collage of pictures together of her family and asked me how to do it. At that time I wasn’t scrapping but decided it could be done in “Word” and promptly went about putting my own collage of Caitlyn’s photos together. I somehow put this together and ended up searching scrapbooking on the internet and was totally hooked. My early pages I uploaded started from about the 10th April 2006. So really not that long ago. In about October 2007 I entered a designers competition and from then on there’s been no stopping me. With a lot of determination I find myself here today as a designer here at Scrapbook MAX!.

Q- What are your hobbies/interests (other than digital scrapbooking of course)?
A-Interest and hobbies other than scrapbooking…That’s hard as scrapbooking plays a huge part of my life now…but I used to dance. My interest in dancing started at 5 years when I started tap dancing but soon decided it wasn’t for me and ended up doing Highland dancing. At about 13 I’d had enough of hopping up and down on one foot and turned my interest to Ballroom Dancing. I danced and competed until about 19 years old. It was then we moved to Australia. In Australia I got hooked on Line Dancing – LOL yes, I joined the many thousand that danced with cowboy hats and boots. I loved it and ended up teaching in Brisbane for about 9 years. I gave that up when we moved back to New Zealand 4 years ago. Eventually I think I will go back to Ballroom Dancing when Caitlyn is a little older and hope she will join me in this adventure.

Q- Where do you get your layout ideas?
A- I’m inspired mostly by others layouts. I’m always keeping my eyes open and looking for those special layouts that catch my eye. Then it’s just a case of working out how on earth they did it and applying it to my own style of scrapping. I really enjoy adding lots of elements and clustering but my style has changed a lot since I first started out. Back then my layouts were simple and not many elements used on a single page.

Q-Tell us about the three layouts you are most proud of and why.
A- Layouts I’m most proud of mostly feature my daughter and also kits I’ve created myself.

Q- What do you think makes Scrapbook MAX! so popular?
A- Well that’s easy and been said over and over but I’m going to say it again. The program is so easy to use but at the same time can produce such excellent results with time and practice. Like most things you have to work at it to achieve excellence. I’m sure most of us can look back on our first layouts and then look at more recent layouts and see a huge difference but with practice comes great results in anything. Scrapbook MAX! is an awesome product and I’m still exploring and finding new things so the program also has room to grow with you.

Q- What is your favorite Scrapbook MAX! tip or trick?
A- I love photo overlays over paper as a background to the main image, as seen in one of my favourite layouts called “Romance”. Here is how I did it:

How I Did It:
This is a really easy to do and everyone can do it with Scrapbook MAX!.
Use a lighter plain texture paper for the background. Then choose your photo and place onto page. I changed the opacity slider – slide to just under the “e” in transparent. Youmay need to experiment with this depending on your photo and the paper used. I then changed to Sepia tone (under effects > sepia).
That’s it really. I enlarged the photo to fill most of the page. If you don’t do this you will see the edge of the photo or you will need to hide it by placing elements over it to cover. If anyone has any questions – feel free to message me!

Q- Who is your favorite movie star?
A- Sean Connery – loved him in Medicine Man.

Thanks for sharing, Carena!

Here are some of Carena’s favorite layouts:


Carena Scott- Princess DreamsCarena Scott - Snapper

Vintage Feel – Contemporary Photos!

We love how “vintage” can also mean great photos you took “yesterday” (and not just “yesteryear”!), combined with a tribute to the past. Wolvsie used elements and a background with an elegant, old-time feel to celebrate the love of her family. Naugle1 made a lovely layout with contemporary elements, but with a family tree that reaches back through the generations. Vintage can mean many things, and we love ‘em all!

Wolvsie  - Vintage Family LayoutNaugle1 - Family Tree

The Groove Monthly Freebie Challenge!

Carena Scott - Mini Bugs Challenge

Mini-Bugs Freebies and Challenge by Carena Scott

The Freebie Part

Carena Scott has generously supplied a freebie collection of cool “buggie” elements based on her full kit, Bugs Delight, to all our Groove readers. Carena describes the full kit this way:

“Delightful pack for any child. Whether it be for photos, party invitations,
birthday cards, book labels, tags – limited only by your imagination.
Fabulous fantasy children’s kit. Huge – 60 items in total.”

Find the freebies in our Groove Monthly Freebie thread!

The Challenge Part

Carena has issued this challenge based on her freebie collection:

Using elements from the mini kit provided, make a birthday card, present tag, invite, label, bookmarks etc – use your imagination! “Normal” layouts also welcome but I’d love to see other alternatives for using scrapbooking kits. Also remember to use shapes ( hearts, stars etc) which will give you more to work with and makes layouts more interesting. Hope you have fun and looking forward to see what you
come up with!

Discount Coupon For
November 2008 “Featured Kits”

Love Carena’s freebie mini-kit? Looking for kits with a similar style?

This month, when you purchase any of Carena’s four Featured Kits (all pictured below), you’ll receive a discount for 10% off! Simply add any of the four Featured Kits to your cart until November 30, 2008, and type in the coupon code CSC-NOV to receive your 10% off discount (be sure to type in the code CSC-NOV exactly as shown).

Offer is good on new orders in the Featured Kits category only, until November 30, 2008. Coupon code must be used at the time of purchase and must be typed in exactly as shown.

Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

Carena Scott- Bugs Delight Kit

Bugs Delight Kit

Carena Scott - Baby Soft A Kit

Baby Soft A Kit

Carena Scott - Baby Soft B Kit

Baby Soft B Kit

Carena Scott- Wedding Kit

Carena’s Wedding Kit


When we think “vintage” we often think lace, elegance, and gracefully muted tones. But how about the 60s and 70s? – full of flowerpower, stylized graphics, and blocks of color? Knzus is no stranger to creativity – and when she heard the call for vintage layouts, she thought of the era of disco. WE LOVE IT (and the fab layout, too)!

Knzus - Vintage 70s

Booster Pack Store:
New Releases

Have you been shopping lately? Dozens of new kits are added to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store each month. Be sure to stop by and check out our awesome selection of embellishment kits and template sets, professionally-designed to work with Scrapbook MAX!.

Below is a small sample of some of new kits recently added to the store by various designers.

Deanne Gow-Smith - Indian Ink Kit

Deanne Gow-Smith – Indian Ink Kit

Diana Carmichael - Florette Flourish Kit

Diana Carmichael – Florette Flourish Kit

Fiona Storey - Resplendent Template

Fiona Storey – Resplendent Template

Look for the next issue of The Groove on December 1, 2008.
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Feature Article – A Digital Scrapbook Tribute

Every Life Tells a Story

by Julie L.

Some life stories have been lived on a scale that we might not be aware of or expect! Below, read the story of Julie L.’s neighbor Jean, who’s life of adventure, courage, and heroism was vividly shared in the form of recollections and photos. Julie has crafted a gorgeous digital scrapbook tribute for her friend; she shares some of her layouts from her “Vintage” album with you below. Enjoy the story of Jean’s fascinating life!

You can know people for years or just a short while without really knowing them at all. It was just luck that we visited Jean and Alice the day they were going through old photos and memorabilia. It was then that we learned in bits and pieces about Jean’s experiences as a secret agent during WWII. He was only nineteen (and a freshman at Harvard) when he was drafted and immediately chosen to go undercover because he was fluent in French, English, and German. From what Jean has told us, he was given virtually no information when asked if he would be willing to serve in the British SOE. He simply said yes because he was young and adventurous and it sounded exciting.

After only three days of paratrooper training, Jean parachuted into France behind enemy lines. It was the day after D-Day. One of his teammates was Violette Szabo, who was captured and killed, and who has been the subject of books and a movie. He liked her very much, and the whole team was devastated by her capture.

Jean’s team was in France to help train, organize, supply and arm the French Resistance groups which were called Maquis. Jean was the radio operator and responsible for transmitting coded messages to London (the SOE office was at the now-famous 64 Baker Street) and decoding the messages that came in from other stations. His position was so dangerous that his life expectancy was no more than six weeks. The group sabotaged railroads and attacked convoys and did everything they could to help the Allies. Jean has said that he was kept from the most dangerous activities because of his position as the only one who knew all the codes and who could keep in contact with Baker Street.

Because Jean was young and eager, he was finally allowed to participate more and more in the sabotage activities, but for the most part he needed to coordinate the supply drops and transcribe and send messages. He was very nearly captured one day but, fortunately, he heard the German trucks in time. He grabbed his radio, codes, and false identity papers and dove out the back window. While hiding in the woods he could hear the Germans exclaiming with delight that they had found his fresh chunk of chocolate! He said that he regretted not grabbing that precious chocolate as he ran for the back window!

After the liberation of Limoges and receiving the Croix de Guerre, the Silver Star and other medals, Jean was sent to China to prepare the Chinese army to repel the Japanese. Jean survived the war. He returned to the United States and to Harvard. He graduated and eventually met his Alice and married. He continued to serve by working for the CIA. They are our friends and our neighbors and we are so glad to know them, and we feel honored to have shared in these memories. Jean will deny it, but we think he is a true hero.

Elements are from various designers – Julie would like to thank them for sharing! To see more of Julie’s WWII Scrapbook Layouts, view her “Vintage” Album in the Scrapbook MAX! Layout Gallery.

The Groove March 2007

The Groove

Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration – March 2007

Groovy layout by Stephen R., Arizona

In The Groove

Spring is finally on its way (of course, it’s closer for some of us than it is for others!). While we wait for the last traces of winter to disappear, let’s have some fun with this month’s Groove-y theme – Goin’ Retro!

Check out our “Goin’ Retro” contest below! And remember, retro not only refers to those wild psychedelic patterns that are showing up everywhere nowadays (especially lately in the forums, we’ve noticed!) – it includes anything from days past, including “heritage” style albums. So get creative when goin’ retro, and submit a layout that pays homage to the near or distant past!

Musings on the “Retro Craze”

Okay, class – sharpen your pencils, and copy the definition of “Retro”: Involving, relating to, or reminiscent of things past.

“Retro” seems to be an important word nowadays. It shows up everywhere. In fashion, music, television, entertainment, home decorating…the question is, why?

I’m sure we could come up with many theories on the current popularity of “going retro”. One of the most convincing is that connecting with things past makes us feel comfortable. It brings us back to a time when we had fewer worries. It reminds us of youth, old friendships, a world full of possibilities, simpler times.

Or maybe we want to “try on” an era we never got to experience the first time around. Who wouldn’t want to channel the elegance and grace of the movie stars of the 40’s, experience the energy and color of the sixties, or try a 70’s hustle on an illuminated disco floor? Going retro is the next best thing to a time machine.
Last but not least, going retro can be…FUN! In our opinion, that’s a great reason for almost anything!

Digital Scrapbooking Tips

Groovy Tip #1: Make your scrapbook into a fun screensaver by choosing File > Publish To > Screensaver.

Groovyy Tip #2: When you don’t like a change you’ve just made to your layout, you can always use the Undo/ Redo buttons found on your toolbar.

Scrapper Profile

Meet Julie LaPoint, aka MaggieMae! We all know and love her work – especially those desert sunset layouts! And of course, we are always grateful for her helpful comments in the forums. Get to know a little more about Julie!

Q - If we asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?
A - I think they’d say I’m friendly and outgoing.

Q - How did you get involved with digital scrapbooking?
A - I downloaded the Scrapbook MAX! trial version and found it to be user-friendly yet sophisticated. I was hooked on digi-scrapping within a day or two and never looked back.

Q - Besides scrapbooking, what do you do for fun?
A - I like to read and I love watching movies. If I can get up off the sofa (LOL) I like to walk with my husband and two dogs. We like to travel – especially to warm places with great beaches!

Q - Who are the most special people in your life. Why?
A - My husband of 43 years is literally my other half! Then there are our two wonderful children and nine grandchildren!

Q - Where do you find inspiration for your layouts?
A - Inspiration comes first of all from the photos – the colors, textures and feelings. Then inspiration comes from everywhere else- magazines, advertisements, television, and last (but not least!) the SBM gallery.

Q - Do you have a signature color scheme or type of embellishment that you love to use?
A - I love blues and browns and ribbons or other types of borders.

Q - What is your next scrapbook project?
A - Oh, boy! I’ve been putting off a heritage book for a long time. Now that I have SBM and have started digi-scrapping, I think that’s my next big project.

Q - If you could be a celebrity for one day, who would you be and why?
A- Wow – this is a hard question. I’m afraid this sounds silly but maybe Queen Elizabeth* because I could wander around the palace and touch and feel history.

(*We like this choice – Julie, you could have won that Oscar!)

Some of Julie’s favorite layouts!

Sweet Companion, Little Elephant, Sunset in Tucson, Cristina

Interested in being one of The Groove’s profiled scrappers? Write to us at [email protected] for details.

Creative Genius

Words of Inspiration

Here’s an “inspiring” use of Scrapbook MAX!: using journal text, write your favorite verse, quotation or poem on a single page. Add a gorgeous background and embellishments. Print it out on high quality photo paper, and put it in a decorative frame. You’ve just made a beautiful gift to celebrate a special event like a marriage, birth, or graduation. Or, keep it on a bookshelf for your own personal inspiration!

Contest: “Goin’ Retro”

“Goin’ Retro” can summon up the psychedelic patterns of the 60’s and 70’s. Or, retro layouts can have an old-fashioned, heritage feel. The choice is yours – be creative, go retro on your own terms, and above all…enter this contest! Three winning “retro” layouts will be published in the next issue of The Groove. 1st prize is a $20 gift certificate to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store! 2 runners up will each receive an official Scrapbook MAX! mousepad.

To enter, publish your layout as a JPEG image using the ‘High Quality’ and ‘Web/Email’ options, and upload it to the contest page in the Scrapbook MAX! gallery. All entries will be available for viewing. Contest closes Wednesday, March 28, 2007, Midnight (CST). ** Note: You must be a registered member of the Scrapbook MAX! forums to enter this contest. To register for free, click here.

Be My Valentine Contest Winners!


We feel OUR temperature risin’ looking at this stunning Valentine layout, “Burning Love” by MA3, our 1st Place Winner! Congratulations – what a fab tribute to true sweethearts, your dear Mom and Dad.

And thanks for ALL of your entries. You showed us how love is celebrated in many forms – in marriages, with our kids, and even in tributes to chocolate!

Congratulations also to our runners-up, Terry T. and Racquel L.!

“Sister’s Love” by Terry T., Boise, ID and “My Kids’Expressions” by Racquel L., Culpeper, VA



A New Family! When Heather P. and her husband were looking to expand their family by adopting a baby, Heather created a gorgeous family profile scrapbook using Scrapbook MAX!. When baby Jackson Brian arrived, she created his announcement page! Read the full story in the online version of The Groove at (click on February).

“Family Profile” and “Baby Announcement”


Sectioning! Try sectioning your pages by criss-crossing various strips or borders all over the page. This actually creates several ‘frames’ within a page, allowing for interesting combinations of photos, journaling, and embellishments.

“Then and Now” by Karyn R., Sydney, Australia and “Newport Beach” by Jessica L., Gilbert, AZ

The Groove Wants You!

Have a Lois Lane complex? Put it to use by contributing to The Groove! We’re always looking for fresh ideas to make The Groove fun and exciting – just like our readers! Tips, musings, inspirations, ingenious scrapbook ideas – if you’ve got ‘em, we’d love to read ‘em! Email The Groove your bright ideas today! Contact us at [email protected]

Next month:

The Groove celebrates Spring! Plus – look for March’s “Goin’ Retro” contest winner!