The Groove July 2009

Tina Sudweeks - A Summer Tease Layout

Tina Sudweeks -Summer Layout, using Tina’s template “A Summer Tease”


In The Groove

Those long, hot summer days are here again! Time to run through the sprinkler, make a pitcher of cold lemonade, and then scrap those unbeatably fun summer memories! This month, we’re showcasing layouts that capture the joyful spirit of summer, with a great palette of colors, and a touch of whimsy. We hope these layouts inspire you to scrap your own memories - between ice cream cones and bbq’s, of course!

We’ve also included your favorites below- a Scrapper Profile, and the monthly freebie challenge, hosted this month by Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack designer Donna Thomas. Kick back, sip that lemonade, and enjoy The Groove! 


Oh, to be a kid in summer – no worries, just endless weeks of fun! Moonlightpearl and Wendy Gibson’s layouts below remind us how to be carefree! Note the contrast in colors used, and how a rich palette or a pastel theme work equally well. Take your cue from the tones in your photo for inspiration!

Moonlightpearl - Chris Layout

Moonlightpearl – “Chris” Layout


Wendy Gibson - Charlie Taury Layout

Wendy Gibson – “Charlie Taury” Layout


Reflections on Summer

We know that summer has just begun, but we couldn’t resist including these two layouts that each have a reflective quality – a feeling of “looking back” at summertime. With the use of cool blue and grey tones, somehow these layouts hint at that touch of coolness in the air at summer’s end. Beautiful work!


pickngrin - The Sandbar Layout

pickngrin – The Sandbar Layout


Winnie49 -  San Felice Circeo Layout

Winnie49 – Summer’s End Layout


Scrapper Profile


Portrait of Lillyskite

Meet Lillyskite, a designer for the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store, and all around friendly and creative person!

Q- Tell us one thing about yourself that others are often surprised to learn.
A-My Name Siobhan is Irish Gaelic and is pronounced “shi-von”

Q- What made you interested in digital scrapbooking?
A- I draw pixel graphics and was contacted by a lady to make graphics for digital scrapbooking – had no Idea about this kind of thing!lol
So I googled it and was pretty taken by what I saw..:O)

Q- Where do you get your layout ideas?
A- My imagination, mostly. I have two daughters so I usually go girly on most things.
Q- Tell us about your favorite feature of Scrapbook MAX!.
A- Well that would be that it is easy enough for my girls to use. So it can be a family hobby :O)

Q- What tip would you share with a newbie to Scrapbook MAX!?
A- Simply Enjoy Yourself!:O) And, do not be afraid to ask for help as there are so many lovely ladies and gents always there [in the Scrapbook MAX! forums] to help :O)

Q- What’s the subject of the scrapbook that you are working on right now?
A- Lol! Always Kids…Just fun things.
Q- How would you describe the style of the kits that you design?
A-I have been told I am a whimsy artist over the years so I think I will have to say “Whimsy” :O)

Q- What is your favorite time of year? Why is it special?
A-Christmas… Wish it was everyday [for] 1. The religious side, and 2. Because I really believe the world seems so much happier.
Love the Music, the decorations, just everything.
Q- Who inspires you? Why?
A- arrhh… This is a hard one. I took sometime to think on this. I hope you mean Life in general..:O)
Well there are so many great people, and I love true stories of struggles and survival in everyday life, and could fill 1000 000 pages of names:O) I will say it is the songwriters that can produce a song that can bring a smile or a tear or warmth to your heart. If we did not have photos,the songs would be [the photos]as they can take you to times in your past in a moment:O) I would love to have the gift to do this.

Thanks, Siobhan! Check out some of Lillyskite’s favorite layouts below (elements from her Erins Eden kit, found in the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store):

Lillyskite - Erins Eden Layout 1

Lillyskite - Erins Eden Layout 2

Lillyskite - Erins Eden Layout 3


The Groove Monthly Freebie Challenge!

Donna Thomas - For The Love of Freedom Challenge Kit

Preview of this month’s fabulous freebie kit by designer Donna Thomas

The Freebie Part

This month, Donna Thomas is sharing this bright, bold freebie set with you – in time to celebrate the freedom of the coming summer months, and what that means to you!  Find the freebies in our Groove Monthly Freebie thread!

The Challenge Part

Here’s Donna’s challenge:


The CHALLENGE: Simply use at least 3 items from the kit to create a layout with the theme “For LOVE of Freedom,” and what this means to you!

Find the challenge thread here.

 July 2009 “Featured Kits”

Love Donna’s freebie mini-kit? Looking for kits with a similar style?

Below are July’s four featured kits, all by Donna Thomas. Be sure to use the coupon code DTH-JUL, to get 10% off your purchase. Simply add any of the four Featured Kits to your cart until July 31, 2009, and type in the coupon code DTH-JUL to receive your 10% off discount (be sure to type in the code DTH-JUL exactly as shown. Applies to new orders only).


Donna Thomas - Circus Clowns Kit

Donna Thomas – Circus Clowns Kit

Donna Thomas - Blue Dot Special Kit

Donna Thomas – Blue Dot Special Kit

Donna Thomas - Birthday Paper Maker Shapes Kit

Donna Thomas – Birthday Paper Maker Shapes

Donna Thomas - Around The World Templates

Donna Thomas – Around The World Templates


Fresh and Sweet! 


 Kimbob - One Fine Day Layout

Kimbob- One Fine Day Layout

We love this pretty and whimsical layout featuring a gorgeous wedding photo. While many wedding layouts are embellished with traditional or old-fashioned elements, kimbob shows us that sweet, contemporary elements can be just as romantic. Get inspired by this precious layout!


The Patriotic Spirit!

Grannywin - Happy Birthday America Layout

Grannywin – Happy Birthday America Layout

Many nations around the world celebrate important holidays in July. Grannywin’s pays tribute to the birth date of the United States, celebrated on July the 4th, with fireworks-inspired elements and a delicious slice of apple pie. Mmmmm…the layout is so sweet, you can almost taste it!


Booster Pack Store:

New Releases

Great new kits are added to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store each month. Be sure to stop by and check out our awesome selection of embellishment kits and template sets, professionally-designed to work with Scrapbook MAX!.

Below is a small sample of some of new kits recently added to the store by various designers.


Michelle McCoy - Jerry Kit

Michelle McCoy – Jerry Kit


Fiona Storey - Angel Whispers Template

Fiona Storey- Angel Whispers Template


Diana Carmichael - A Sweet Sorbet

Diana Carmichael- A Sweet Sorbet Kit


Look for the next issue of The Groove on August 1, 2009!

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The Groove Newsletter – July 2006

The Groove
Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration – July 2006

Welcome to the first ever edition of The Groove – an inspiring newsletter for digital scrapbookers! Each month, you’ll find “musings” on a theme to get your creative juices flowing, bright ideas for scrapping, design tips and tricks, contests, freebies and more! You’ll meet other digi scrappers who tell us a bit about themselves in our Scrapper Profile section – in fact, why shouldn’t that scrapper be you! (See details below under “Scrapper Profile”). Everyone knows that the best part of digital scrapping is sharing. So read on, and get in The Groove!

Musings on a Summer Day

When I think of summer, I immediately remember the last day of school. It’s been quite a few years since my school days. But the summer still evokes thoughts of fidgeting in my seat, trying to focus on the probably not-all-that-important last lesson of the year. The hand on the clock creeps toward the end of the school day. It’s hopeless.

My mind is far from fractions and maps and report cards. I’m already at the family cottage where my brother and I are taking our first leaps of faith into the ice-cube cold lake. I’m at the beach carrying pail after pail of water to fill the moat around the enormous sand castle I’ve just built. I’m sitting under the blazing sun on the warm green grass of our front lawn licking a grape popsicle.

A silly grin spreads over my face – even now – as I contemplate the endless march of weeks upon weeks of freedom filled with play dates and bike rides and water fights and ice cream and road trips and sunsets and campfires. School’s out – summer’s on!

Digital Scrapbooking Tips

GROOVY TIP#1 : A scrapbook on a CD-ROM makes a great gift!
GROOVY TIP #2: …keep family and friends in touch by emailing your digital scrapbooks.

Scrapper Profile

Get to know Marnie, who we feature in this month’s “Scrapper Profile”! As well as being a friendly and helpful “regular” on the Scrapbook MAX! forums, Marnie is part of the design team that put together the stellar templates included with Scrapbook MAX!.

Heeeeeeeeere’s Marnie!

Karin - Let’s start short and sweet! You have one word to describe yourself. Go for it!
Marnie- Driven.

K- Your LOs display a range of styles and moods. Where do you find your inspirations?
M- I find inspiration everywhere! It’s amazing how the color scheme on a notepad or an architectural pattern can trigger a layout idea. When I begin to get “scrappers block”, I look for consistent patterns, placements, or colors in my recent layouts. Then, I start a new layout by purposely doing the opposite of my usual. This often sparks a new approach! And of course, my fellow Scrapbook MAX! forum members are a great inspiration.

K- The templates you helped design for Scrapbook MAX! are awesome! Tell us about the three pages you are most proud of.
M- Thanks!
Page 1 of Spring Garden – This one isn’t cluttered and seems to have the right balance. I like the colors and layering. This entire package is feminine, yet slightly rustic.
Page 2 of Baby Girl – This background separated the page so nicely! I can just imagine a picture of mom with baby and another of dad with baby.
Page 3 of Classic Romance – I love the vertical hanging triple-frame offered in this kit! This layout offers so many possibilities! For example, you could crop the larger photo in three different ways.

K- Tell us about your favorite feature of Scrapbook MAX! in one sentence.
M- Hmm, that’s tough – there are so many! I suppose my favorite feature is the custom shape option for all paper scraps and photos- I love the torn edge look for photos.

K-Any helpful digital scrapbooking tips and tricks that you can share?
M- I like combining the grayscale and opacity effects on a picture in order to create an interesting background.

K- One last question- favorite pig out snack?
M- Without a doubt, chips and dip!

Interested in being one of The Groove’s profiled scrappers? Write to us at [email protected] for details.

Creative Genius

Digi scrappers are famous for “thinking outside the page”. Every month, we feature examples of imaginative uses of digital scrapbooking. Read on and get inspired!

“I use Scrapbook MAX! to make collage pages. I fill the entire page with overlapping photos and make heavy use of different photo shapes for interest and texture. A collage makes a great keepsake for school events, fun trips, sports tournaments, you name it!”

- submitted by Nancy H., Winnipeg, Manitoba
(Click here to see larger image.)

Contest: “Summer Fun”

Road trips, sand castles, BBQs, ice cream …This month’s contest is about all things summer! We’re looking for the best summer-themed page layout out there. The sky’s the limit for designs– just make sure your page clearly has something to do with summer. The winning layout will be published in the next issue of The Groove and the winner will receive an official Scrapbook MAX! mousepad!

To enter, publish your layout as a JPEG image using the ‘High Quality’ and ‘Medium size’ options, and upload it to the contest page in the Scrapbook MAX! gallery. All entries will be available for viewing. Contest closes July 22, 2006, Midnight (CST). Good luck! **Note: You must be a registered member of the Scrapbook MAX! forums to enter this contest. To register for free, click here.

“Groove”-y Design

Karin is part of the SBM design team. Her favorite layouts are “groovy” ones (like her top!). We’ll be posting our contest winners’ layouts here in the coming months- but for now, let Karin’s groovy dog design get you “in The Groove”!


Tie it with a bow! Dress up your page with ribbon. Place a strip of ribbon or skinny paper scrap across your page, then add a flower, bow, button, brad, or other embellishment. You can even cross two ribbons to create a “wrapped present” feel. “Secure” with an embellishment. Fancy, shmantzy!

Click these links to see larger “Valentine’s Day” and “Baby Blue” images.

Feature a great face! We all have those great candid shots that deserve special attention in our albums. Baby’s cutest pout, hubby’s gorgeous smile, Johnny’s clown face. Give these shots special attention by cropping the photo to feature only the face. Then choose a circular photoshape to set off that great mug!

Click these links to see larger “Hey There!” and “ABC” images.

The Groove Wants YOU!
Have a Lois Lane complex? Put it to use by contributing to The Groove! We’re always looking for fresh ideas to make The Groove fun and exciting – just like our readers! Tips, musings, inspirations, ingenious scrapbook ideas – if you’ve got ‘em, we’d love to read ‘em! Email The Groove your bright ideas today! Contact us at [email protected]

Next month:
The Groove celebrates travel and vacation. Plus – look for July’s “Summer Fun” contest winner!