Help & Technical Support

Getting started with Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is really quite easy. Most people just load it up and start playing around! However, if you find you need a bit of extra help, below are a few common answers and some places to check for further information about the software. You’ll be scrapbooking on your computer in no time!

Help File and User’s Guide

When you need a little clarification as to what a particular option does, or what something you see on the screen means, just click on the “Help” button (it’s found on pretty much every dialog box). You’ll then see context specific help (i.e. help on exactly what you’re doing)! Alternatively, you can also refer to the Online Help File.

Then, when you want to really get the most out of your purchase, we suggest that you actually read the Scrapbook MAX! User’s Guide (gasp!). It was written in a friendly and “untechnical” way – so you’ve got nothing to worry about! It will walk you through everything you need to know in order to get the most out of Scrapbook MAX! 2.0. You’ll be an expert in no time! You’ll find it on the Help menu within the software.

Free Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

There are a tons of great tutorials and videos for you to learn from! Visit the free digital scrapbooking tutorials section of this website to see them all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Believe it or not, but most questions have already been asked and answered many times on our scrapbooking discussion forums. If you’re wanting the fastest answer to your question, that’s the place to look first. There’s a great search feature too! Click Here for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Online Printing Service

Do you want to have your scrapbook pages printed and delivered right to your door? Do you want the best 12×12 (or any other size) prints available? Scrapbook MAX! makes it easy. Learn more about Scrapbook MAX!‘s online scrapbook printing service.

Questions about Your Order?

Do you have a question about an order you placed? Would you like to place an order by phone, mail or fax? Are you having trouble with our online ordering system? Visit Cleverbridge’s customer service page for all the information you need.

Personal Help & Advice

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Post your technical support question in the Scrapbook MAX! Discussion section of the community forums. It will get answered by either another Scrapbook MAX! user or a member of our staff will respond during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM Central Time).

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