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Another edition of The Groove is here, packed with a scrapper profile, great discounts, freebies, challenges and more!

We’re starting things off with a dazzling layout from Scrapbook MAX! community member Aussie Annette above to get you all inspired. Sometimes its tempting – and absolutely just right – to pack your layouts with color. Other times, one color is just as dramatic. It can really make a statement. Thanks, Annette!

Scrapbook MAX! Designer Profile


Meet Sandrine Boarqueiro-Verdun, a Scrapbook MAX! Digital Kit Designer, frequent challenge host, and very helpful member of our Scrapbook MAX! community! Below, you’ll get to know Sandrine a bit better, enjoy a few of her favorite layouts and comments by those who use her kits in their pages. Plus, she’s sharing an AWESOME freebie and challenge with you! Enjoy – and thanks, Sandrine! :)

Hello Dear Groove Readers!

Let me introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me yet. My name is Sandrine aka KapiScrap (or KapiColors). I was born the month of October to the last century (LOL) in Versailles, France. I have been living in the South West of France (in the “cassoulet” country) for more than 12 years.

I created my own company in 2000 at this period. I work in the development and testing (quality) software area. Two years ago I created KapiScrap & Art, which focuses on the digital scrapbooking industry. The organization has three main activities: scrapbooking kits design, resale of Scrapbook MAX! on the French market, and training courses. If memory serves, I discovered digital scrapbooking at the end of 2009.

I’m married and I have two adorable kids: 6 and almost 10. They are, of course, my favorite models, but they are also a great source of inspiration. I’m very lucky as the youngest one loves striking poses for the photos and dressing up, leaving me with plenty of photos for different themes.

Many of my kits are kid themed since my kids are my favorite subject to scrap, and also because I like funny stuff, but not solely. During the day I work on very serious and critical topics, so when I design a kit I like getting swept away in funny characters like Mr. & Mrs. Bunnies in Hoppy Easter, my little Reindeer in Reindeer Village, or the friendly penguin in Winter Fun Penguin Style.

Winter Fun Penguin Style

Before starting to draw the items of a kit or creating papers, I think a kit as a *whole*: the style, the pallet, and I list the items. We are two persons designing at KapiScrap, so we also share the tasks as we draw everything from scratch and some items require several hours to be designed; an example is the bat in Witches Brew, or very sophisticated items like the beater in Baking Memories. My colleague (and husband) is a really great designer who has an eye for detail so for the very sophisticated items he is the right person. Some kits like Forever Adorable I & II, Hoppy Easter, Winter Fun Penguin Style though are 100% me, and I always insist that we design everything from scratch, so that means that our kits are unique.

Baking Memories

I have loads of ideas for themes… but I don’t always have enough time to design all the kits. That being said,I have asked some members of my CT to describe my “designer” work as they are the best persons to describe my style, as they work with it regularly. My girls Monkey Musing, Tigroune and Tin Tin had this to say:

“Fun, playful, colorful hand drawn elements that scream out are different from everyone else’s work. You don’t use CU items so your items are unique to only your kits. Plus your kits and templates are well thought out. You have an eye for detail which is why your work is refreshing.”

“Each of your kits has its own exclusive items which are very well designed with any detail. Your kits are always very comprehensive. What I definitively love in your kits is that they are unique, you can’t find your items in any other kits, and the quality of each item allows to print any page for a perfect result”.

Forever Adorable II

“I love that you have a lot of papers and shapes that can really make someone use their imagination, and I love that your kits are bilingual, I think that is one of the features that makes you stand out. Also you are not afraid of colors in your kits. Your templates are real original with the circle shapes…”

Thanks, Sandrine for sharing your designer story and for sharing lovely images and comments on your work! It was great to get to know a bit more about the person behind the beautiful digital scrapbooking kit and template designs!
- The Groove Editors

A couple of Sandrine’s favorite layouts (with her favorite models!):

Forever Adorable Page

"Kids" Page

Get a Discount on Featured Scrapbooking Kits

Sweet Summertime

Love this kit and the three kits showcased in Sandrine’s profile above? They are the feature kits in our store all month long, and you can get them for 10% off! All you need to do is add them to your cart, and use the coupon discount code SAB-JUN. Applies only to the kits found in the Featured Content section of our store, new orders only. Offer expires June 30, 2012

The Groove Monthly Freebie Challenge

Sweet Springtime

Each month a designer shares a freebie with Groove Readers and challenges you do to something fun with it! Find Sandrine’s “Sweet Springtime” freebie and challenge here!

June 2012 Challenges

There’s always something going on in the Scrapbook MAX! Challenges and Contests Forum! Here’s what to keep your eyes open for:

June Challenge Schedule

June 1-30, 2012 – The Groove Monthly Freebie Challenge (Sandrine a.k.a. KapiColors)

June 1-30, 2012 – Designer Monthly Challenge

June 15-31, 2012 – Mid-Month Challenge (Deanne Gow-Smith – approximate start date is the 15th)

New Releases in the Scrapbook MAX! Kit and Templates Store

Great new kits are added to the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Scrapbooking Kits and Templates Store each month.

Below is just a small sample of some of new kits recently added to the store by various designers:

Fiona Storey – Sentimental Punk:

Sentimental Punk

Katie Castillo – My Birthday Boy Cluster Frames:

My Birthday Boy Cluster Frames

Deanne Gow-Smith – Laura Jane:

Laura Jane

Shades of Purple

Sweet Springtime

Another almost-all-purple layout, this one from Scrapbook MAX! member Tigroune. While using one color can make a dramatic statement, it can also convey sweet simplicity and the perfect backdrop for a great photo like this one. Purple-licious!

Look for the next issue of The Groove on July 1, 2012!

The Groove May 2012


In the Groove

In May, we celebrate spring, beauty, and of course Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy this inspiring issue packed with gorgeous vintage layouts, Mother’s Day-themed freebies, awesome discounts, recent challenge winners, and more.

The beautiful layout above was shared by makeyesup in the Scrapbook MAX! Gallery – stunning!

Meet Scrapbook MAX! Designer Katherine a.k.a. MagicalReality Designs

Magical Reality Designs

I am Katherine aka MagicalReality Designs. I was born in Warsaw, Poland and moved to Canada at the age of 9. I live in Ontario with my hubby, two kids and a beautiful 1.5 years old German Shepherd named Codey. I have been a digital designer since 2007. I am in love with digital graphics, digital painting, and photography. My designs are known for a mix of magical and realistic elements – I guess that is where my designer name comes from. If I am not designing I enjoy doing hands-on crafts with my kids or anything outdoors, but I always have my camera with me! I also just realized that the first scrapbook software I ever bought was Scrapbook MAX!….haha…and never in my dreams did I think I would be selling my designs here. People always ask me how do you come up with the designs ideas? Honestly… I don’t know! I never know what I will create and usually I work on 3 or 4 different designs at once. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me, and please take advantage of my few favorite kits on sale (see below for details)!

The Groove Monthly Freebie Challenge

Mother and Child

Each month a designer shares a freebie with Groove Readers and challenges you do to something fun with it! Find Katherine’s “Mother and Child” freebie and motherhood-themed challenge here!

(Challenge participants will also find a special “bonus gift” from Katherine in the challenge thread in Mid-May – another great reason to take the challenge!)

Psst! Love the “Mother and Child” Freebie? Look for the full versions coming soon in Katherine’s category of the store!

Some of Katherine’s Favourite Designs – Save 10% this month!

Explore Katherine’s designs, and save on a few of her favorites! The four kits below are found in our Featured Content section of the store! You can save 10% off by adding any of these four featured kits to your cart and typing in the coupon code MAY-KAZ at checkout. Offer is valid on new orders only from the Featured Content section – expires May 31, 2012.

Never Forgotten

Paint Me Beautiful

Sea Memories

Spring Magic Part 4

Spotlight on Challenge Winners

Well, everyone’s a winner just for joining a challenge! But we wanted to put the spotlight on two very special layouts from Deanne Gow-Smith’s recent mid-month challenges that sparkled with creativity!

March Mid-Month Challenge – Winning Layout by Cheesepiece

On the Beach

From Donna a.k.a. “Cheesepiece”

“I am delighted, flattered and honoured to be chosen as the winner of Moonbeam’s Mid Month Challenge for March….I love joining in the Challenges, and learn so much from them. They have boosted my confidence greatly, not to mention the friends I have made in the Forum.

I am really pleased with how my LO turned out. I chose the shape first, tried out a few different ways to use it. As I played with the shape the idea for the page popped into my head. I messed around with colour and transparency, I used the same shape four times, inverting it and erasing parts of it. I chose my photo and added text. The butterfly was one shape used twice. I added shadow, duplicated it, re-coloured for the top of the butterfly. The result was very pleasing to me and so easy to create.

For all you ladies out there who have yet to join in a Challenge, I say go for it. You can learn so much and have fun at the same time.”

April Mid-Month Challenge – Winning Layout by SBM Diane


From Diane a.k.a. “SBM Diane”

“Thank you for the challenge Deanne! Everyone did such a beautiful job with the layouts and colors that I had no idea what I was going to create. Then, our two year old decided to jump on my lap and take a nap and gave me my color choice. I had a tough time getting the caramel color to match, but I like how it turned out. ”

May 2012 Challenges

There’s always something going on in the Scrapbook MAX! Challenges and Contests Forum! Here’s what to keep your eyes open for:

May Challenge Schedule

May 1-31, 2012 – The Groove Monthly Freebie Challenge (Katherine a.k.a. “Magical Reality Designs”)

May 1-31, 2012 – Designer Monthly Challenge (Fiona Storey)

May 15-31, 2012 – Mid-Month Challenge (Deanne Gow-Smith – approximate start date is the 15th)

A Family Story Goes On…

Last month, Kaye shared some stunning pages inspired by family photos she discovered in her parents’ photo collection. Here is another layout from this collection. Not only are the photos and layouts beautifully arranged, the journalling makes the page a true family keepsake. Get inspired to scrap your family’s story!

Three Girls

Look for the next issue of The Groove on June 1, 2012!