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  • $4.99 Mother & Son
    Pretty pages for your mother and son photos. Each page has beautiful colors and textures. Tweek the colrs alittle and you have 5 new pages for your mother and daughter photos as well... The kit is also available in the...

  • $4.99 Baby's First Christmas
    Perfect pages for you infants first Christmas or remove the word art and they are great for any Christmas Photos. The entire kit is also available. Filesize: 18.7MB

  • $3.95 Wrapped in Love Templates
    5 8x8 template pages in an elegant soft gentle style to express your affection Filesize: 9.66 MB

  • $3.95 Simple Colours Green Templates
    5 8x8 template pages in soft muted greens Filesize: 10.1 MB

  • $3.95 Simple Colours Purple Templates
    5 8x8 template pages in shades of purple Filesize: 18.4 MB

  • $3.95 Whispers of the Past Template
    5 8x8 template pages in a sepia vintage tone, perfect for any occasion Filesize: 11.6 MB

  • $4.50 1st Haircut
    1st Haircut Scrapbook MAX! template in 12" x 12" 200 DPIsquare format. Contains five (5) pages with various embellishments. High resolution (200 DPI) made for print. Also available are the 1st Haircut kit. (Sorry, this...

  • $3.50 Tequilla Quick Pages
    Rich and vibrant in warm colours with beautiful textures to the papers. A dash of gold and warm cosy daisies but without being too feminine. Simple but still elegant and versatile for lots of different photos. 200 dpi pages...

  • $3.95 Donnas Delight Templates
    5 8x8 200dpi Template pages from the Donnas Delight Booster Kit....great for any project Filesize: 3.33 MB

  • $3.45 Blossom Mini Kit
    Blossom Embellishment Kit Contains: 1 x Paper Scrap 5 x Stapled Photo Frames 1 x Staple 4 x Edge Curled Velum Journal Papers 2 x pink rose Blossom Embellishments Filesize: 5.47 MB

  • $3.95 Appeal to Elegance Quick Pages
    5 Fun, Frilly, Appealing to Elegance Quick Masked Templates at 8x8 inches 200 dpi. Nuetral colors from Appeal to Elegance Color Pak. Filesize: 7.5MB

  • $3.95 Photograph Album Templates
    6 8x8 200dpi template pages including front cover - made to look like a realistic photo album with the pages turning Filesize: 14.9 MB

  • $3.95 Muted Lavender Templates
    5 x 8x8 200dpi template pages in soft muted shades of lavender & gold Filesize: 3.23 MB

  • $5.00 Precious People Presentations SET 5
    To solve ALL my NEEDS I've created the Precious People Presentations masked templates. THIS IS SET NUMBER 5 of the lot. 8.5x11" letter size (10 templates). Masked because they are done with dominant use of SHAPES. So you can...

  • $3.95 Sliders, Gages and More Masked Templates 8x8
    Celebrating the 5 of the 6 color packs I've made so far, I've put together this set of 5 masked templates (masked because I use SHAPES to create them)and made some FUN sliders and gages to do these pages so you can use for...