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Word Art

  • $3.50 Baby Charms
    Includes: Uppercase and lowercase alphabet charms, 6 blank charms, 6 baby pins, star charm, butterfly charm, puppy charm, 2 heart charms and a baby block charm. All are made in different pastel colors. Filesize: 6.04 MB

  • $2.95 Jabber Jaws Embellishment Pack
    Also check out the paper, frames and quick page packs... by Michelle McCoy Filesize: 4.46 MB

  • $3.50 Snowman Sticker Pack
    Sticker pack includes: 5 detailed snowmen 2 snowflakes 10 winter/snowman phrases 1 mini snowman poem See below for some close-ups. Filesize: 14.2 MB

  • $2.95 Pretty Embellishment Pack - By Julie
    "Pretty" means pleasing or attractive in a graceful or delicate way. This HUGE Embellishment Pack is certainly that! Soft shades of brown and pink make this a very versatile set. Set includes: 6 frames 3 Journal...

  • $2.95 DMD Soccer Chippies
    6 realistic chipboard elements stamped with soccer sayings. Perfect for boys or girls layouts. Filesize: 9.8 MB

  • $3.99 Directional Road Signs
    Over 8 pieces!A nice collection of corroded aluminum Directional road signs. Individual elements in .PNG format. 300 DPI made for print. These signs are at least 8 inches tall or 8 inches wide. Filesize: 16.9...

  • $2.95 Baby Wordart
    14 baby wordarts in with cute teddybear theme from JRett Graphics Bluebeary Stripe alphabet Hush Love me Kisses Bundle of joy Cuddle Sweet Cute Congrats Baby Cutie New Baby Boy Baby...

  • $3.95 Hooked on HINGES
    TOO FUN!!Worked hard to make this Set of 7 different hinges with variety of gold and silver full and HALF hinge selections. Sometimes an additional copper or black color added as well. Set of 6 different colored screws to...

  • $3.99 Bright Summer Booster pack
    Bright Summer Booster Pack is loaded with bright, sunny color! There are 5 printed papers, 2 solid papers, wicker frames in 2 colors and 2 sizes, 2 coordinating flower embellishments with center brads, a trim strip and a...

  • $3.00 Purple Diamonds
    Purple Diamonds is a 4 page template in an 8x8 page size.200 dpi for great prints. Filesize: 6.38 MB

  • $3.95 Date and Time Pack
    Looked for ways of making an easy and fun way to show important dates..especially when it comes to our babies milestones of walking, talking, birth, growth, etc. Found a DATE WHEEL version I thought would be great for...

  • $3.95 24 Baby Bundle Paper Pack
    Got EXCITED to make this BUNDLE of soft and fun practical baby papers you can use for many occasions. Yellow, green, blue, pink and purple colors. 14 pattern tiles with textures and 5 solid tiles with NO texture added. AND,...

  • $5.95 Just a Memory Templates
    5 x 8x8 200dpi template pages Filesize: 6.70 MB

  • $2.95 Love & Blessings Word Art
    9 decorative word art phases each one is saved as a png and is ready to be re-colour in the advanced effect to match your layout - instructions enclosed in kit phrases included are: - A single rose can be my garden a...

  • $2.95 Mommy Wordart
    12 mommy decorative word arts each wordart is saved as a png and is ready to be re-coloured to match your layouts via the advanced effects - instructions enclosed in kit phrases included are: mommy's little mess...