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  • $3.00 Old School Clipart Pack
    Over 145 pieces!Chalkboard, chalk pieces, pen, dividers, drafting triangle, drafting circles, wooden rulers, ribbons, paper clips, ribbons and more. Individual elements in .PNG format. These are extremely detailed pieces...

  • $3.00 Floral Sequins
    50 sequins in all. Great embellishments to add to any layout. No two are alike. Filesize: 8.27MB

  • $4.50 Animals Pin Collection
    10 Beautifully painted animal pins! Dazzling colors and painstaking details. From my Stain Glass Collections. Kit Contains: 1 Humminbird 204x551 1 Drk Colors Moth 385x589 1 Multicolor Moth 225x547 1 Firefly...

  • $2.95 Jabber Jaws Embellishment Pack
    Also check out the paper, frames and quick page packs... by Michelle McCoy Filesize: 4.46 MB

  • $2.95 Plaid Buttons
    10 Plaid button embellishments in soft pastel shades great add on for any project Filesize: 1.17 MB

  • $2.95 Gold Trimmed Buttons
    10 Gold trimmed Button embellishments in deep colours and patterns great for any project Filesize: 2.59 MB

  • $2.95 Assorted Brads
    20 Brad style buttons with various patterns and textures great for any project Filesize: 2.42 MB

  • $3.50 Groovy Pumpkin Embellishment Pack
    Pack Includes: 2 buttons, 7 Gold Charms, 1 frame, 3 needlepoint clips, 3 plaid bows and 3 needlepoint groovy pumpkins Filesize: 13.3 MB

  • $3.10 Dark Eyelets Pack
    16 dark colored eyelets. This is a great pack of eyelets by Tina Sudweeks. These eyelets come in a variety of beautiful dark colors. Great for a bold look on a light page and great for a elegant touch to a dark page...

  • $2.95 Buckled Up
    6 Buckles with threaded ribbons Filesize: 2.19 MB

  • $3.95 Hooked on HINGES
    TOO FUN!!Worked hard to make this Set of 7 different hinges with variety of gold and silver full and HALF hinge selections. Sometimes an additional copper or black color added as well. Set of 6 different colored screws to...

  • $2.95 Fastener SHAPES set 1
    Wonderful set of SHAPES of items to help put the pieces on the page like the real thing!! 21 items of 300 dpi png format SHAPES of tapes, pushpin short and long, clipboard, rolodex card, heart paper clip faked, various pins...

  • $2.95 Vintage Ribbons & Bows
    5 x Bows 4 x Ribbon lengths 2 x Pearl fixers 3 x Ribbon Pieces Filesize: 7 MB

  • $2.95 24 Pin UPS
    Fun set of 24 different Pin up pieces for posting your notes and elements to your scrapbooking pages!! These realistic looking pieces offer a simple variety of colors of purple, yellow, gold, silver, green, blue, pink and...

  • $2.95 18 Safety Pins
    Made all 18 Safety Pins in various colors and all at 300 dpi png format. Made silver and gold for any occasion as well as soft colors of blue, green, yellow, pink and purple for baby business fun or whatever!! Opened,...