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  • $3.50 Stylin Stitches
    Kit Description:Add a touch of machine or hand stitching to all your projects using the 10 unique stitched designs included in this booster pack! For a realistic look do not add an additional drop shadow to these stitches,...

  • $4.00 Grandmas Button Box
    Kit Description:This booster pack contains an eclectic mixture of 24 unique buttons, just like the kind you would find in Grandma's button box! Make them work double duty by resizing them down slightly for use as brads!...

  • $3.00 100 Misc Quicklips
    Kit Description:There has to be one out of the 100 you can use each day on your layouts...This Kit Includes:nature floral animals teddy bears lace quilted buttons letters & moreFilesize: 45.14 MBThese embellishments can be...

  • $3.00 Gold US State Charms
    Kit Description:Enjoy a fun way to attach locations of your favorite friends and family members on your scrapbook pages with this set of the 50 US State Charms in Gold. To make them SILVER, simply use your EFFECTS, grayscale...

  • $5.95 JCO3DFasteners
    Kit Description:By Julia aka: NanaC, 3D Deco Fasteners. We can never have enough fasteners for our scrapbook pages. These gold tone elegant fasteners will add that special little touch to your pages. They can be used over...

  • $3.00 Simply Stitches
    Kit Description:Here's some great realistic looking stitches to add that special touch to your pages! Circle, Squares, single, straight line, and zigzag variations to satisfy your needs! Colorizeable!This Kit Includes:23 ...

  • $3.00 Eyelet Connects Set
    Kit Description:Compliment your efforts with this great variety set of eyelet connect pieces you can colorize and rearrange anyway you like on your pages. To colorize, click on grayscale items enclosed and go to EFFECTS on...

  • $2.95 Frame Hangers
    Kit Description:Do you have frames and nothing to hang them on. Well perhaps this is the answer. Also included 3 5x7 frames.This Kit Includes:3 frames - 5x7 3 fancy studs screw head 16 ribbon hangers 9 cord hangers 4 fabric...

  • $3.00 Hinges
    Kit Description:What a GREAT look you get with these realistic looking variety of hinges!! Enjoy the half hinge or whole! Matching screws included for that all out hinged look!!This Kit Includes:20 HINGES15 matching...

  • $2.95 Hardware Tools
    There is over 72 plus pieces in all...Since this kit includes all 4 corners of each design...There are 12 different tools in 6 different designs... Comes in handy for any of your scrappn' needs... Filesize: 13.5 MB

  • $2.95 Critter Belts 2
    Each belt has a cute Christmas Character. If you like these, check out my first Critter Belt Pack. Filesize: 6.75 MB

  • $3.00 Spotted Bows
    Each on has a 3D look to them in different colors. Filesize: 6.29 MB

  • $3.00 Satin Bows
    These 12 satin bows have a 3D look and a realistic shine to them. Each one is a different color, and you can make more colors using your sbm program. Filesize: 3.16 MB

  • $3.00 Polkadotted Bows
    Each bow is made 3D and in different colors. Make more colors out of them by experimenting in your sbm program. Filesize: 4.94 MB

  • $2.95 Critter Belts
    Includes: puppy Chritmas Bear needlepoint moose needlepoint snowman needlepoint baby bear needlepoint Wiggles Pup Filesize: 4.99 MB