Save Time & Money with Digital Scrapbooking

Again and again, we hear from scrapbookers with good intentions who just “never get around” to their paper scrapbooking projects. Why? The answer is always the same: time and money.

There’s no other way to say it – traditional paper scrapbooking is extremely expensive. There are countless tools and supplies to purchase just to get started. And as for costly papers and elements – you can only use them once! Then there’s the issue of time. You’re a busy person, too, so you know that’s no joke! Do you really have the time or energy in your busy day to pull out all of your supplies, spread them out in a functional way, and actually be creative? Probably not.

Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 has come to the rescue! Not only does it finally make scrapbooking affordable and “do-able”, even on your busiest day – the real, amazing scrapbooking results will blow you away!

Save Money

Who has the extra money to buy all the costly tools, and expensive scrapbooking elements that you can use only once? Scrapbook MAX! is the smart solution. For one low price, Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 digital scrapbooking software has everything you need to make and share amazing scrapbooks. It can literally save you thousands of dollars!

Unlike traditional scrapbooking, there’s no risk of ruining a photo with your scissors, and without glue, you’re never “stuck” with anything you lay out on your page. Just edit with one click if you change your mind! Plus, digital content is reusable forever – no more spending a fortune on a single embellishment that you can only use once.

Save Time

Scrapbook MAX! puts the fun and creativity back into scrapbooking, without the hassle. All you need is your computer and your imagination, and you can experience the joy of turning your precious photos into works of art you’ll cherish forever. Whether you have five minutes, or a whole quiet Sunday afternoon, you can truly enjoy your scrapbooking craft again, and accomplish amazing things. You’ll be stunned at the results you achieve, even in a few minutes. No clean up, set up, or additional space required!

Life’s moments are fleeting. Fun, easy and hassle-free Scrapbook MAX! software gives you a joyful, and practical, way to keep up!

Real Scrapbooking Results

When you go digital with Scrapbook MAX!, you aren’t sacrificing the style of traditional paper scrapbooking at all – in fact, you’re gaining even more sharing options!

With Scrapbook MAX!, you can create real physical scrapbooks that show off your creative pages. Make high-quality, high-resolution prints right at home on your home printer with a simple mouse-click. Or, easily bring or upload your pages to a professional print service. Make albums, hardbound photobooks, brag books, frame your printed pages – go wherever your imagination leads you. You and your family will treasure your special scrapbooks for years to come.

Best of all, you have the comfort of knowing that no matter how you choose to publish your scrapbook pages, you have a professional-quality, lasting archive of your memories.

Order Now and Start Scrapbooking Today!

Get started with digital scrapbooking right now! You can get everything you need with Scrapbook MAX! for only  $39.95  $29! Buy Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 today and you’ll also get the Life is Beautiful Mega Expansion Pack for FREE.

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