Fun & Easy Digital Scrapbooking Software

Unlike most digital scrapbooking software programs on the market, Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is not simply “re-branded” photo editing or general purpose drawing software. Those so-called “scrapbooking” products are cluttered with complicated features, buttons and tools that are simply irrelevant for digital scrapbooking. The result is a confusing and cluttered interface that makes your scrapbooking experience unnecessarily frustrating.

On the other hand, Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software is very easy to learn how to use. Our unique interface does away with the mess, presenting you with a clean, simple design space that makes you feel like you’re scrapbooking at an organized desk. To work with an object (photo, embellishment etc), simply double-click it to see all the relevant options for that particular item. Instead of wading through dozens of buttons that have nothing to do with your task, you can instead focus on being creative!

But don’t let the simplicity of our uncluttered interface fool you. While our digital scrapbooking software may be easy-to-use, it’s also packed with impressive features that you won’t find anywhere else! The creative possibilities and gorgeous results will simply astound you!

Create a beautiful scrapbook in just three simple steps!

1. Start up your Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 digital scrapbooking software. Select a ready-to-use template layout, or choose a blank scrapbook to design your pages from scratch.

Easy to Use Scrapbook Templates

2. Add your photos, and customize everything on your page with a few simple clicks. Use your mouse to choose, resize, colorize, crop, move, rotate and arrange the elements on your page. Add or delete embellishments and text as you see fit. You can click on pretty much everything!

Customize Your Scrapbook

3. Share your scrapbooks with others in printed photobooks, albums, on CD-R, through email, on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, in your FREE Scrapbook MAX! web gallery, and much, much more.

Print and share your scrapbook

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There’s lots more to learn about Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software. Click on any of the following items to find out more…

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Purchase Now and Save!

Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is the best deal going in digital scrapbooking software. It comes with everything you need to make beautiful scrapbooks using your computer. Purchase Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 software today for only $29. Plus you’ll get the Life is Beautiful Mega Expansion Pack FREE! Don’t wait – Click here to buy now!

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