Organize Pages

Each project is made up of one or more pages. A page in Scrapbook MAX! is very much like a page in a book. Just like in a book, each page can have different items on it, such as different photographs and text. Pages are the "surfaces" that objects can be placed on.

An individual scrapbook project can have up to 250 pages.

Pages are ordered from left-to-right on the page tabs, or if viewing them on the Organize Pages dialog, in top-down order.


The list of pages currently in your project. These pages are shown in top-down order so that the first page in the list will be the first one shown when your scrapbook is viewed. These pages can be reordered using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Move Up

Move the selected page up one position in the page list.

Move Down

Move the selected page down one position in the page list.