Select Image/Pattern

This dialog allows you to select an image pattern file from your system.

Look in:

The folder on your system that you want to look in to find an image pattern file. When a folder is selected, its contents are shown on the dialog. You can click the select button to show other drives and folders on your system.

Back one folder

Go back to the last viewed folder.

Move up one folder

Move up one folder in your system's folder structure.


How you would like to view the files and folders on this dialog. Choose from:


View files as thumbnail images with their filenames underneath.

Large Icons

View files as large icons with their filenames underneath.

Small Icons

View files as small icons with their filenames to the right.


View files in a list view with small icons and their filenames to the right.


View files with small icons and their file details to the right. These details include the file size, type, and modified date.

Shortcut Folders

These are the buttons that are shown on the left hand side of the dialog that open common folders on your system. Choose from:

My Pictures

Opens the My Pictures folder on your system. This folder is commonly used to store personal photographs.


Opens the Scrapbook MAX! gallery to the Paper Scraps folder. For example, C:\Program Files\Scrapbook MAX! 2.0\Gallery\Images\Paper Scraps...

My Documents

Opens the My Documents folder on your system.

My Computer

Opens My Computer on your system showing a list of disk drives on your computer.


Clicking this button indicates that you have selected the desired image pattern file.


Cancel any selection made and exit the dialog.