Export Template

Project templates are available for selection on the Create New Scrapbook dialog when a new project is started, or its pages when new pages are added. They can be used as a starting point for new projects. When you export a project template, it is stored in the \Scrapbook MAX! 2.0\Templates subfolder of your system's My Documents folder.

Tip: You can start a new project by choosing File > New from the program menu, or add a new page by choosing Page > Add.

Template name:

The name you want to use as the title of the project template. This is the name that will be shown on the Create New Scrapbook dialog.

Remove photos

Export the template without photographs. This option keeps all Photo "objects" on the page, but they do not contain an image file. Instead they will be shown as a rectangular grey area with the text "Double-click to select a photo."

Note: When the template is shown on the Create New Scrapbook dialog, it will display your current photos to give you an idea of what it will look like.

Optimize embellishment sizes

When exporting the template, analyze all of the embellishments in the project and resize their resource files to the maximum dimensions currently being used in the template. Any embellishments that have been cropped or downsized within Scrapbook MAX! will be permanently cropped and downsized for the template.

If unchecked, all embellishment resource files will be included in the template at their full size. Since most embellishments are scaled down from very large image files, this can have a dramatic effect on the size of the template.

Enabling this option can significantly decrease the size of the exported template file, making it easier to upload and share with others.

Ungroup/unpin/unlock objects

Check Ungroup/unpin/unlock objects box to export templates without grouped, pinned or locked objects on any of the template pages.

Optional Details

This optional area allows you to add your personal details to the exported template. When your template is shown on the Create New Scrapbook or Add Page dialog, this information will be shown in a tooltip when you hover over the template thumbnail. You can use any fields you wish, or leave them all blank. When you leave them all blank, the tooltip will show as "Scrapbook MAX! theme."


The name of the person who created the template, usually yourself.


A comma separated list of tags for the template.


A personal or company Website. For example,  http://www.indigorose.com.


A contact email address. For example, sales@indigorose.com.


A copyright notice for your template. For example, Copyright 2006-2011 Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation.