Red Eye Removal

The red eye removal dialog allows you to remove the common red-eye effect from photographs.

When the dialog initially opens, you are presented with a preview of the selected image with a default selection rectangle that you can use to select the pupil of the eye whose redness you want to remove.

The first step is to move the selection rectangle over the person's eye. To do this, hover the mouse over the selection rectangle until you see cross hairs with arrows, left click and hold down the button and move the selection rectangle to the desired position. In the top left hand corner of the dialog, you will also see a preview of the area that is selected. This preview will help you to accurately select a person's eye and see what effect the red eye removal has made after you click the Apply button.

The next step is to resize the selection rectangle as small as you can around the person's eye so as to not affect any other areas of the photograph. Again, you can see the selection in the Selection preview window to help. On the sides of the selection rectangle, you will see small circles. These are the selection rectangle's resize handles. When you hover the mouse over these circles, you will see the mouse cursor change to a line with arrows on each side. This change in cursor indicates that you can left click and drag the selection rectangle to a new size in the direction that the arrows indicate.

If you are not satisfied with the selection, you can create a new selection just as easy, or clear the selection by clicking on the image. When you move your mouse over the image preview portion of the dialog, the cursor turns to crosshairs. This indicates that you are in an area that you can start a selection. To start a selection, left click on the image and hold down the left mouse button while you move the mouse cursor towards the bottom right of the window. When you move the mouse, you will see a dotted line that forms a rectangle that follows your mouse. When you see the rectangle covering the area you want to select, release the left mouse button to see your selection.

Now that you've made your selection, its time to apply the red eye removal to the image. See the settings below for descriptions of their features.

Tip: To make the dialog bigger, move the mouse over the bottom right hand corner of the dialog until you see arrows. Then click and drag until the dialog is the desired size. The image itself will only resize until it reaches its actual dimensions.


A preview of selection rectangle area on the image.


A preview of the image that you want to remove the red eye from. This is the window where you will select the person's eye using the selection rectangle, as discussed earlier.


The red-eye effect differs from photo to photo, with different degrees and shades of redness. For this reason, you may need to play with the settings to get it just right. After you apply the effect, you can click the Undo button to try a different combination of settings.

Saturation threshold:

The percentage of red that is allowed to dominate other colors in the eye before it is reduced. Moving the slider to the left means that red will removed at lower levels. Moving the slider to the right means that only pure shades of red will be removed. Generally 50% is a good default. You may need to move the slider to the left for eyes that contain less redness.

Color range:

The range of red that will be affected. The further right you move the slider, the more cyan and yellow colors will be reduced.


Apply the current red eye removal settings to the image. If the level of removal was not satisfactory, you can click the Undo button to restore the last viewed state.


Restore the Saturation threshold and Color range settings to their defaults of 50% (the middle of the sliders).


Undo the last attempt of removing the red-eye (restore the image to its state before you clicked Apply).


When you are satisfied with the removal of the red eye, clicking OK will save the object's image.

Tip: If you made a mistake after you click OK, you can select Edit > Undo to undo the red eye removal that was just performed.


Exit the dialog without modifying the selected image.