Image Effects

The Image Effects dialog allows you to apply one or more effects to a Photo or an Embellishment image. It also allows you to customize the settings that are used for each of the effects.

You can access this dialog by choosing Effects > Advanced... from the program menu, or by right-clicking on an object.

Tip: This topic can be accessed when clicking the Help button on the dialog. From here you can access the settings of all of the effects. If the focus is in one of the fields of an effect's settings, you can press the F1 key to open that particular effect's help section.

Tip: To make the dialog bigger, move the mouse over the bottom right hand corner of the dialog until you see arrows. Then click and drag the dialog until it is the desired size. The image itself will only resize until it reaches its actual dimensions. Resizing allows you to see the entire list of effects without having to scroll.


The list of effects that can be applied to the image. When an effect is selected, its settings will be shown in the Settings area of the dialog. Choose from:


This area shows the available settings for the effect that is selected in the Effect list.


Apply the selected image effect to the image using its current settings.


Reset the effect's settings to their defaults.


A preview of the current state of the image as it will be shown in your scrapbook.


Undo the last effect that was applied to the image. This button becomes enabled after you apply one or more effects and will be disabled if the image reaches its original state.


When you are satisfied with the current image as it looks in the preview window, clicking OK will replace the original with this new image.

Tip: If you made a mistake after you click OK, you can select Edit > Undo to undo the image effect that was just performed.


Exit the dialog without applying any image effect.