Spell Checker

You can use these settings to control the spell checker features within fields that support spell checking (each field that supports spell checking will have a spell check button near it).

Check spelling as you type

Check the spelling of text as you type it.

Auto-correct text as you type

Automatically correct spelling mistakes as you type.

Always suggest corrections

Suggest possible corrections for any spelling mistakes encountered.

Suggest from main dictionaries only

Show spelling mistake suggestions from the Main Dictionaries only (not the Custom Dictionary).

Ignore words in UPPERCASE

Ignore any uppercase words in the text. For example, SCRAPBOOK.

Ignore words with numbers

Ignore any words in the text that contain numbers. For example, bg5.

Ignore Internet and file addresses

Ignore any internet or file addresses in the text. For example, http://www.scrapbookmax.com, or C:\Program Files\myfile.txt.

Capitalize sentences

Automatically capitalize the first letter of a new sentence.

Correct two initial capitals

If a word is encountered in the text that starts with two capital letters, make the second letter lower case.

Custom dictionary:

The full path to your custom dictionary file. This file can be included or added to when you encounter common words that are not in the main dictionary. You can click the Browse button to select a custom dictionary file (*.dic).

Main Dictionaries:

The full paths to your main dictionary files (*.lex). You can use the New, Delete and Move Up/MoveDown arrows to manipulate the dictionary file list.