Memory Usage

Note: The memory usage options below only affect the design view of Scrapbook MAX! They do not have any effect on the generated scrapbook media. Scrapbook MAX! always outputs the best possible quality media given the chosen publish settings.

Automatic (recommended)

Automatically choose the best memory usage performance option.

Use lots of memory

Maximize the available memory when designing your project.

Conserve memory

Use the minimum amount of memory when designing your project. When you choose this setting, the program may appear slower.

Page Cache

Page cache size:

The number of pages (between 1 and 10) to cache while working in the design environment. What this does is sets how many pages' image data that the design environment keeps in memory at a time at maximum. It keeps track of your pages in the order that you select them, so once the number of pages in memory exceeds the page cache size, the oldest visited pages in the cache have their resources freed. Setting this value to 1 makes it so that every page is cleared as you select new pages.

The trade-off is memory vs. speed.  The higher the page cache, the faster and more responsive the design environment will be as you switch pages. However, this also means more memory will be used. The lower the page cache size, the slower it will be to change pages, but the less memory the program will use. We recommend leaving this setting at 5 pages (the default) unless you have a lot of system memory and are using lots of pages in your projects.

Thumbnail Provider

The method to use for displaying thumbnail images when browsing for files within Scrapbook MAX! If you find that the default Windows shell method is acting strange, try setting it to Scrapbook MAX! program instead.

Windows shell

Use the operating system's method for displaying thumbnail images. Generally this method is faster, but may yield unpredictable results.

Scrapbook MAX! program

Use the Scrapbook MAX! method for displaying thumbnail images. This method may be slower performing but may solve any problems that arise using the Windows shell method.