Email Program

For information on configuring your email settings, please contact your local ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Tip: You can email a scrapbook by selecting File > Email... from the program menu.

Let me choose each time I send a scrapbook

Show the Email Method dialog every time you email a scrapbook. This allows you to switch between email services each time you send a scrapbook.

Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express / MAPI client

Use your default MAPI-compliant email application to email your scrapbooks. Select this option if you generally send emails successfully using an installed email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express.

Note: This option may be disabled if Scrapbook MAX! could not detect an installed MAPI client.


Use your Gmail account when sending emails of your scrapbooks. Select this option if you want to send your scrapbooks using Google Mail.


The user name that you use to log into your Gmail account. This is normally your Gmail address (eg. [email protected]).


The password that you use when logging into your Gmail account.

Ask me for my password each time

Show the Gmail Login dialog each time you send an email of your scrapbook that prompts for your password.


Connect directly to a different email server using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Generally you will want to select this option if you send emails using a Web-based email client other than Gmail, and do not use a MAPI compliant email application.

Configure SMTP Settings

Opens the Email Settings dialog where you can configure the SMTP settings Scrapbook MAX! will use when emailing your scrapbooks.