Make Scrapbook MAX! save your project automatically at regular intervals.

Note: Only the project file (*.sbm) is auto-saved. If any changes are made to content, such as applying image effects, they cannot be reverted.


The time in minutes to wait between autosaves. This is how long Scrapbook MAX! will wait after it automatically saves your project, before it automatically saves the project again.

Purge level:

The maximum number of autosaved project files that you want Scrapbook MAX! to keep at any given time.

The files will be saved at regular intervals in a subfolder called "Autosave" inside the project folder. The files will automatically be named according to the following format:


File Associations

Reset Scrapbook MAX! file associations

Click the "Reset" button to reset Scrapbook MAX! related file associations back to the current version. This option resets associations for project files (*.sbm), templates files (*.smt, *.sm2t) and gallery pack files (*.smb). This option may be required at some point if running multiple versions of Scrapbook MAX!.

Note: Resetting file associations requires administrator privileges.