Publishing your scrapbook is the process of gathering all of the pages in your project and generating a specific type of digital scrapbook. Scrapbook MAX! contains many different publishing options allowing you choose how you would like to share your creations with family and friends.

Publishing Options

Scrapbook MAX! contains several different publishing options, each accessible under the File > Publish To menu item. The following publishing options are available:

If the publishing of your scrapbook was successful, you are presented with some options such as opening the output folder or running the generated scrapbook (if it's in a format that can be run). Scrapbook MAX! publishes your projects to the \Scrapbook MAX! 2.0\Published Files\<<Project Name>> subfolder of your system's My Documents folder.

Emailing Your Scrapbook

If you have a MAPI compliant email application installed and configured on your system such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express, Scrapbook MAX! will enable you to automatically attach each page of your scrapbook as JPG image files to send as an email to a friend. When you choose File > Email... from the program menu, an email will automatically be opened in your default email program with your scrapbook pages already attached. All that is necessary is to enter the email address of your friend and send it! If you do not use an installed email program as discussed above, or instead use web-based email such as Gmail, you can still email your scrapbooks. Scrapbook MAX! also supports sending emails using SMTP that can be configured in the Scrapbook MAX! preferences. Simply select Edit > Preferences from the program menu, and select the Email area to configure all of the settings required to send emails directly through Scrapbook MAX!

If you prefer to use an alternate program to send your scrapbooks, instead use the Publish to Images option and add the published scrapbook file(s) as an attachment to an email. Individual pages can also be published by selecting Page > Save As Image. For more information, see the specific email program's help for details about attaching files to emails.

Note: Many firewalls and anti-virus programs will not allow screensavers or executables to be received by email. For this reason, the best publishing options for emailing are Publish to PDF and Publish to Images when not sending it directly through Scrapbook MAX!.