The Groove December 2008

marion-Devyn-Christmas Layout Devyn Christmas 2007 by Marion

Happy Holidays From The Groove!

It’s that time of year again – time to gather with friends and family, deck the halls, prepare and enjoy fabulous food, and celebrate the goodness that is in the world.

Could there be a more precious time of year to remember in gorgeous scrapbook pages? In this issue, you’ll see some of our holiday favorites from Groove readers. We hope they inspire your own festive digi scrapping projects!

As always, we have an awesome freebie and challenge – this month from designer Fiona Storey - to further flex those scrapping muscles (see below)!

And if you need even more scrapping inspiration, we hope you’ll take advantage of our AMAZING coupon for shopping in the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store (20% off!)- it’s a great time to stock up on kits for the holidays and the year to come! (More details below!)


The Joy Of Christmas Past

The holidays bring with them such cherished memories. You probably have a stash of older photos, either in a shoebox, old photo album, or perhaps already scanned onto your ‘puter.  This holiday season, take a break from the hectic pace, and walk down memory lane by scrapping a page or two with a special photo from yesteryear. It’s a great way to recapture the childlike wonder of the season. It may also make a touching gift for someone you love. Enjoy these two gorgeous layouts by scrappers known for their vintage pages, sacannon and Gotart.


sacannon-christmas joy layout 

Christmas Joy Layout by sacanoon


Gotart - Xmas Heart Layout 

Christmas “Heart” Layout by Gotart


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Holidays in the Booster Pack Store!

The Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store is a great resource for gorgeous, creative kits to suit all of your digi scrapbooking occasions. And that goes for holiday scrapping as well! Just do a simple search for Christmas, Holidays, and other key holiday words, and you’ll see what we mean!

These lovely layouts were made by designers who used their own holiday kits (available in the store) to put them together. Have a look, and imagine the possibilities!

Nativity Layout 

Layout by Siobhan Kite, using her Nativity Kit

Carena -Merry Christmas Layout

Layout by Carena Scott, using her Xmas Wonderland Elements Kit 

Donna Thomas- Merry Christmas Layout

Layout by Donna Thomas, using her Christmas Felt ALpha Kit


The Heart of Christmas

It’s a true delight to see children enjoying the holidays. And it’s not just about getting gifts – this is a magical time, somehow. These are times of wondrous stories, sparkling surroundings, and special traditions that children love. And doesn’t seeing the bright eyes of a child remind you of being one yourself? That’s part of the magic!

Below, we feature three layouts that capture the innocence, wonder and heart of being a child during the holidays. Thanks to ValerieElaine, pickngrin, and twpclerk!


 ValerieElaine- Christmas-Laurie-Layout  

“Mandy” Christmas Layout by ValerieElaine



Dear Santa Layout by pickngrin


twpclerk-Christmas Snowman Layout

 Snowman Layout by twpclerk


Scrapper Profile

Linda S.

Linda S. a.k.a. LSignal

Meet Linda, a.k.a LSignal, a talented digital scrapper, and helpful forum member.  Get to know more about her below, and check out some of her favorite layouts (we love Linda’s creativity!).

Q- If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?
Gosh, I have no idea.  Maybe a cat.  They are independent, smart and beautiful.  My husband is allergic to cats, but we had them growing up.
Q- How long have you been digital scrapbooking and what got you started?
I have been digital scrapbooking for about two years.  I can’t remember how I discovered it, but I was hooked after my first page.  I love scrapbooking without the cleanup.  The forum was a fantastic help.  I am always trying to turn my friends on to digital scrapbooking.
Q- What are your non-scrapbooking hobbies?
I have gotten into digital photography, recently.  I, also, enjoy my telescope.  I hope to eventually get into astrophotography, but I have a lot to learn.  
Q-  Tell us about your family.
I have a husband and two boys, ages (almost) 6 & 8.  We don’t live very close to any other family.
Q-  There’s a blank screen in front of you. How do you begin your layout?
That is a hard question.  I start with whatever is exciting me about the project.  Sometimes, I start with an embellishments, but, usually, that means that I put the pictures on a white background and begin searching through my stash of stuff for inspiration.  Then I just work through trial and error.  Hopefully, at some point, the muse speaks, and I get a vision of what I want to create. 
Q- Tell us about one layout that you are particularly proud of and why.
 I am not a designer, so I usually work from kits, etc.  Often, my pages reflect the vision of the designer, and not me.  I am most proud of the stuff that I have done that comes from my own sense of creativity. I am very proud of a page I did of my son holding up a trophy.  The embellishments came from a kit, but I feel like I made it my own, and I had to learn new skill in order to make the page.
Q- What is the best part about using Scrapbook MAX!?
It is so easy!  I am getting better using photo editing software, but I never use it to actually make a page.  Nothing beats Scrapbook MAX!.
Q- Describe your favorite time of year.
Easter is my favorite time of year.  I love the religious significance.  I, also, love Christmas.  Thanksgiving is usually a lot of work :) but my kids love Thanksgiving.

Thanks, Linda!

Check out some of Linda’s lovely layouts below!

LSignal - Pumpkin Festival Layout

 LSignal - Swimming Lessons Layout  

 LSignal - Pinewood Derby Layout

The Groove Monthly Freebie



FST- Timeless Elegance

Timeless Elegance Freebie from Fiona Storey


The Freebie Part

Fiona  Storey has generously supplied a an elegant freebie collection that could be used to scrap romance-inspired holiday pages, or any pages requiring a touch of class!

Find the freebies in our Groove Monthly Freebie thread!

The Challenge Part

Here is the challenge, using Fiona’s freebie collection:

Use the freebie background and at least three of the freebie embellishments to make your own elegant layout!

Share your layout in the The Groove’s December 2008 Challenge thread!

December 2008 “Featured Kits”

Love Fiona’s freebie mini-kit? Looking for kits with a similar style?

Below are December’s four featured kits, all by Fiona Storey. Remember, when you use the discount coupon code JINGLEBELLS until December 31, 2008, you’ll receive 20% off your purchase (see details above!)


Fiona Storey - Timeless Elegance Kit

Fiona Storey – Timeless Elegance



Fiona Storey – Country Christmas Kit



Fiona Storey- Invitation to Love Kit


Fiona Storey - Mega Pix Kit

Fiona Storey – Mega Pix Kit


Window on a Winter Wonderland

For those of us who live in climates where it snows, there are few things more magical than waking up early to a dazzlingly white, perfectly still winter morning after a snowfall. What a sight it is when each branch looks like it’s been frosted by hand – what a feeling to see the dangling icicles but feel toasty warm inside!

We loved how these two layouts captured the feeling of such a morning! In Michelle’s (wolvsie35) layout, we have a sense of looking in from the crisp winter day, and in Eye’s layout, the wonder of looking out at the white landscape spread before us. Gorgeous!

Wolvsie-Winter Scene Layout 

Winter Layout by wolvsie35 


  Eye-Winter Layout

Winter Layout by Eye




Look for the next issue of The Groove on January 1, 2009.

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