The Groove February 2009

o2bnghope-Fairytale Storybook

O2BNGdHope’s Enter the World of Make Believe Layout invites us all to…

Enter the World of Whimsy!

We asked our fabulous Groove readers and the super digi scrappers in the Scrapbook MAX! online community to submit their whimsical layouts for this fun-filled issue- and did we ever get a “fantastical” response! Whimsy can mean so many different things, as you’ll see below. But it is always colorful, fun, and a little bit unexpected (to say the least)! Enjoy the many sides of whimsy in these gorgeous layouts…we hope they inspire you to make your own spirited creations!

Don’t forget to look for our freebie challenge below, hosted this month by designer Michelle McCoy – the adorable freebie comes just in time for Valentine’s Day, so be sure to check it out!


Little Wonders…

One common theme among the many whimsical submissions we received was the inclusion of ADORABLE babies in magical settings. Babies as princes and princesses, babies as sprites and fairies, babies as angels… there sure is something about infants that inspires thoughts of magic and wonder! Enjoy these superbly creative layouts shared below!


crops2dawn-Fairytale Baby Layout

crops2dawn – Fairytale Layout


eye-Baby Angel Layout

eye- Baby Angel Layout

kimbob-Thumberlina Layout

kimbob-Thumbelina layout

Marion-Magic of Time Layout

 Marion- Magic of Time Layout


Walk on the Wild Side…

We loved this hilarious and super-cute layout of Sam in “moose” pjs! Isn’t the world of digital scrapbooking awesome? You can really let your imagination loose and ”magically” transform a great digital photo into a work of whimsical art. Super job!

grannywin-Moose Is Loose Layout

grannywin-Moose is Loose Layout

The Groove Monthly Freebie

Michelle McCoy- February 2009 Groove Freebie

Michelle McCoy’s Freebie Kit

The Freebie Part
Michelle McCoy has shared these adorable and “love”ly freebies, perfect for Valentine’s layouts!

Find the freebies in our Groove Monthly Freebie thread!

The Challenge Part
Here is Michelle’s challenge, using Michelle’s freebie collection:

February is the month of romance and those little candy hearts we crave so much…So this month let’s scrap a layout (or more…lol) about love….Using at least three things from my freebie, scrap a page that lists five or more things that you love about yourself or someone else…Be creative and use shapes or express yourself with some fancy word art…Ideas are endless…Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Don’t forget to HUG someone today…<wink>

Thanks, Michelle! To all our readers – Share your layout in the The Groove’s February 2009 Challenge thread!

February 2009 “Featured Kits”

Love Michelle’s freebie mini-kit? Looking for kits with a similar style?

Below are February’s four featured kits, all by Michelle McCoy. This month, when you purchase any of Michelle’s four Featured Kits, you’ll receive a discount for 10% off! Simply add any of the four Featured Kits to your cart until February 28, 2009, and type in the coupon code MMC-FEB to receive your 10% off discount (be sure to type in the code MMC-FEB exactly as shown). 

Michelle McCoy-Java Junkie Kit

Michelle McCoy – Java Junkie Kit


Michelle McCoy-Cocoa Mint Kit

 Michelle McCoy – Cocoa Mint Kit


Michelle McCoy-PS I Love You Templates

Michelle McCoy – PS I Love You Templates


Michelle McCoy-Plum Love Templates

Michelle McCoy -Plum Love Templates

Offer applies to featured kits, new orders only. Coupon code MMC-FEB must be used at the time of order. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Offer ends February 28, 2009. 


Still Young Enough for Magic…

As we saw above, babies and whimsy are a natural pairing. But as the following layouts show, even our more grown up children can inspire a delightfully whimsical layout (and enjoy them as a great keepsake of childhood!). See how these two lovely young ladies add sparkle to a page…

Marion-Fairy Dust Layout

Marion- Fairy Dust Layout

scrappyaggie48-Wish Layout

 scrappyaggie48- Wish Layout


Under the Sea and Out in Space!

Fairytale scapes aren’t the only whimsical settings for a great layout. Why not journey under the sea and spend some time with the merpeople? Or set off for outerspace and reach for the stars, and your dreams! Enjoy these imaginative and whimsical layouts!

kimbob-Neptune Layout 

kimbob- Neptune Layout


ValerieElaine-Dreams Layout

ValerieElaine – Dreams Layout


Color Me Whimsical!

These layouts show you how color can be your main whimsical ingredient. Why not pair two unexpected colors for your next page? And remember, the brighter, the better! We love the freshness of red and yellow of pickngrin’s layout below. And though the setting is also whimsical in Moonlightpearl’s page, we were knocked out by her use of dreamy pinks, blues and lavendars, colors that are elegant and imaginative all at once!

   pickngrin-Whimsical Shaina Layout

 pickngrin – Shaina Layout

Moonlightpearl-Pretty Fairy Layout

Moonlightpearl – Pretty Fairy Layout

Booster Pack Store:
New Releases

Dozens of new kits are added to the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store each month. Be sure to stop by and check out our awesome selection of embellishment kits and template sets, professionally-designed to work with Scrapbook MAX!.

Below is a small sample of some of new kits recently added to the store by various designers.


Crystal Longbrake – Unabridged Kit



Diana Carmichael – My Heart Kit



Tina Sudweeks – Magic of Music Kit


 Leaving the World of Whimsy…for now!

o2bngdhope-Rhino Layout

Here’s another of O2BNGdHope’s imaginative layouts as we exit the world of whimsy. But remember, you never know what you may bring back with you!

Look for the next issue of The Groove on March 1, 2009!

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