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    Ya know what Shell? You are SO SOOOOO right about the attitude thing. If it wasn't for you and my mother...I never would have believed it. Well, look at this brand new aggressive cancer treatment they have out now. NO ONE has been able to handle more than 4 treatments and this Thursday, mom is headed for her 11th!!! Her cancer Doc says she is a miracle..not because her cancer is going away because it isn't (It isn't growing or spreading either) it's because she DOES NOT think about having cancer. When she goes in for her Chemo, it's just another Doctors appointment. She refuses to let anyone tell her how much time she has left, as she puts it, the day she finds out is when she will die(The Doctors gave her 6 Months, a year tops, her year was up in February!). And look at you Shell, all the BS you have had to deal with most of your life and still you can laugh! Most of us would be wanting to crawl under a rock and die. You truly ARE an inspiration to us ALL!

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    Just wanted to let you all now I went for my first set of heart pictures today and tomorrow I go again for the second set of tests...I will get the results back before I leave, so cross your fingers..I will post again when I know something...((HUGS))
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    Great words" Wizard.".......bravo to your wonderful mom. She is right" Michelle" do inspire us and we will always keep praying for you.....good luck with this new set of tests.......xoxo
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    We'll be praying for some good news!!! {{hugs}}
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    Here, here!!!! Hang in there baby... You're a hard banana to peel! That's very good!

    Love ya,

    Your Gram

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