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    Default How long for CD to arrive?

    Call me impatient, but I'm dying to use the entire package My invoice says that the product shipped on March 12th, it's now the 21st. I live in South Dakota, not sure how often "Pony Express" makes it out here to the prairie. How long did it take other folks' software to arrive?

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    it can take longer to get to some places than others....we all know what the USA postal service is like

    i'm in the UK and it took about 10 days to arrive with me

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    I am in Canada and it took around 2 weeks to reach me. LoL.. But you can now start checking out the 'Sharing corners ' in this wonderful community or check out the stores here. They are really neat. I don't even 'need' to wait for the CD cos by that time I already got lots of neat stuffs from both resources. LOL .

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