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    Default Previews of coming attractions

    And now a word from our sponsors...

    The long await sequel to the long time running, long on crazyness and short on brains "Days of our Scraps" is coming very, very soon. There will be a very short recap of the famous soap, follow by an even shorter intro into the new saga.

    There are still a few roles available, so if you ever wanted to see your name plastered all over creation, defamed, and liebeled, this is your chance. Please stop by the Mayor's office and get yourself a business licence, then proceed to the real state office and get yourself a place to live. We don't allowed unemployed, homeless bums in this here town.

    Don't forget to tune in at the same time tomorrow for the exciting unveiling... Ops, I mean, premier of.....

    SCRAPSVILLE.... The sequel!!

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