Well girls Jazz sounds soooo good. She said that she feels much better and her mom and sister said she looks better than she has in years!!!! Jazz said that she feels better than she has in a very long time. She gets to go home on Thursday and is looking so forward to going home. Only problem is she has to go back to her house for now, because DHR said if it is too dangerous for her health to be there than it is too dangerous for Andrew and they will have to remove him. She said that she couldn't bear to lose Andrew-so until she can get into different housing where Andrew can come with her, she has to go home. She said she will fight with her last breath to keep Andrew with her. So hopefully they can move her up on the waiting list and get her into a new home soon. But she feels good about things right now--and believes things will work out for the best. So I will keep praying for her and her family, and praying they get a new place to live soon. She again wanted everyone to know she loves you all and misses you sooooo much!! And again is so very appreciative for the card, money and many prayers that she has recieved. Without the prayers she doesn't think she would have made it this far. Thank you everyone!!!! And just maybe you will see her on here Thursday or Friday. She's been in hospital and rehab for exactly one month and can't wait to get back!!