My job insecurity. -follow up thread from that and dusting off my resume thread.

Long story short...
I work all night I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay... -lyrics by ABBA. Hee hee ha ROTFLMAO. so i have been quiet sorry i have had nothing good to say so i kept quiet. i had little time and still had to complete my Ct obligations and needed the artistic outlet so i uploaded LO's still but could not comment much and leave love on all the gorgeous LO's!!! I also lost my internet for several weeks and could only peek in at work.

***I have a new job and it starts Wed 3-12! Lab technician and working for Mayo again.- normal hours waahoo!

I was given notice in Oct that my job would end in Jan. due to a lay-off.
plans fell behind with the new carosel robotic packinging system so I stayed on and just 3 others until today. Everyone else jumped the boat and found work elsewhere or retired. so.... we were so short staffed i was working 12 and 16 hr days sometimes and 6 days a week sometimes too! PHew!

The new staff called in sick and I trained in the new staff and there was no effeciency with everyone new so busy busy, somedays not even a lunch time break!

I left there today and they threw me a farewell party and we all had potluck and i will miss my friends from there but i think I have a better job with better hrs now for wed!

Change is Hard!

Hopefully it will be uphill from now.

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my LO's hugzz! I have been lurking and have seen many great LO's and great challenges.

I have a great attitute about it but my son took it all rather hard and he had to go talk to someone for a while. He is so happy because I have parking and live so close to the labs. I definately have more money now so soon I will giggle at these last few very difficult months!

hugzz to all,