it's that time if wonderwoman and the groove haven't got you busy enough ...i'm back to set you yet another challenge

'when you were born'

the aim is to scrap the year you were born

so for example if you were born in 1964 (when all the angels of this world were born lol) you will need to put together a page about that year using big events, famous people, films, infact anything you think that year was about ~ be as creative as you can as not only is there a gift from our very own knzus - there will be a vote at the end of the week and the scrapbook voted the winner will get chance to choose 2 (yes two) kits from my store stock


1) Scrap a page using the year you were born as the theme

2) use ONLY freebies from our forum, freebie templates can be used too

3) credit where possible

4) post page in gallery and link into this thread

5) all pages to be posted by Sunday 16th March