as many of you know i am into natural & spiritual healing, one of the many ways to do this is self healing visualizations / meditations - as so many people on our lovely site have health issues i felt the need to share one (or more if you'd like me too) visualizations.

these are very simple to do and help promote self healing and wellness (they are also great if you are feeling stressed!)

all you have to do is read the visualization slowly, it may be a good idea to get yourself comfortable first and make sure you'll not be disturbed, i always find some gentle classical music helps whilst doing this too.

hope it helps in some way xxxx

Alpine Mountain Walk

Iíd like you first to just relax and get comfortable in your chair

Now take a deep breath and as you do imagine you are breathing in a white mist

Feel it reaching down into your toes filling your whole body with a warm and soothing feeling

As you exhale see your breath as a grey mist taking all you careís and worries away out of your body

Letting go of all tension, all your worries with each breath out
Now return your breathing to normal

Let your mind run free and picture yourself walking along a gently sloping alpine mountain path

Sweet fresh scented mountain air fills your lungs making you feel at peace

Itís a glorious warm summerís day, little fluffy cotton wool clouds drift aimlessly across the clear blue sky

Notice the warm gentle breeze as it soothingly brushes your skin

Either side of the path are meadows of sweet green grass dotted with colourful splashes of alpine flowers

Absorb the succulent lush green of the grass filling you with a deep sense of calm

Listen to the peace which is only broken by the sounds of nature

The sweet sounds of the birds chirping and the gentle buzzing of insects

As you walk further up the mountain you hear the gentle sounds of flowing water

You follow the tinkling sounds, there ahead of you is a sparkling crystal blue lake tucked into the side of the mountain surrounded with pretty white and pink willowy blossom trees

Watch as the sun plays upon the water, See how it shimmers and sparkles like bursts of diamonds

See how the mountain and sky reflect mirror like so clearly in the lake

A breathtakingly beautiful oasis of purest calm

You see some steps next to a pink willow blossom tree which drapes tantalizing into the lake

Bring to mind all those you wish healing for and let then join you now as you climb down into the water, it is not cold,
Feel it cleansing you, seeping deep, washing away your troubles

Absorb the wondrous feelings of health and vitality

Watch the joy and happiness spread on the faces of those who have joined you

Take a moments now with those you love, see yourself and them happy and healthy playing in the lake

Stay a while and let your mind enjoy this tranquil healing setting, let the feeling of wellness wash over you taking away all aches and pains, making you feel healthier and happier than you have ever felt before.

It is now time to leave and say goodbye to this beautiful oasis of calm

But remember you can come back here anytime you want to

Start making your way back across the beautiful alpine meadow

Down the gentle sloping alpine path

Back to the room and fully aware of your surroundings

Feeling relaxed, healthy, refreshed and peaceful