I have a few requests.

I'm in the Netherlands so it would be pleasant if scrapbook also had the european default sizes A5, A4 and A3 in the page size selection.

Or the option to create your own default pagesizes.

Now i have to type te sizes manualy for each new page , or copy an existing page (very slow)

Also the option to define double pages (centerline) would be a nice improvent to print A5 and A4 folding brocures.

Also creating double page pdf or html presentations would be marvelous for showing the customer the result before i sent it to the album printer. Now i have to do that by exporting to JPG and building my own presention.

Also the option to create a set op pages in batchmode would be greate.

for example : create 40 pages 37x32.4 cm and name them Left1,right1,left2,right2........... and so one