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    Question Question About Creating Non-Digital Brag Book


    I know now I should print out using photo paper after getting advise earlier on by Fiona (thanks). I just purchase a lovely kit about brag book and wish to make one. I wonder if I like to 'apply' e.g on a plain note book with the print out design to make it look like a kiddy organizer. Is it possible to do that? But photo paper is quick 'thick' so my 'worry' is that if I cut out and 'glue' on a note page, it may look 'funny'.

    I will appreciate any member to give me suggestion and advise. Thanks for taking your time to read my thread.

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    hi lollypop...guess who got here 1st again lol

    i've printed on kiddie card before...its just a bit thicker than paper but not as thick as photo paper ...also printed on the back of thicker paper wrap ...test one page and see what happens...some paper absorbs too much ink but others are fine

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    Oh Fiona,

    Thanks so much for advise. Pardon me this time cos I am not very sure what is the kiddie card you mean :P (is it another type of paper or is a card design for kids). I love the brag book so much and the templates are just lovely. Sweet pink and 'purperlish' girly style. I will check out one of my free day to the stationery shop and see maybe there is particular a 'kind of scrap paper' for printing. Thanks again for advise Fiona.

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