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Thread: The Gallery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karin View Post
    for wildbill39:

    You do not have to use Scrapbook MAX! in order to post layouts in your member gallery (although if you don't have the software, we hope you'll give it a try:

    If you have created a layout with another program, you are welcome to post. Layouts must be in .jpg format.

    Thank you Karin for this info
    I am going to dnld the trial to check it all out
    Wild BillHugz

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    To all:

    So as not to confuse new members, I'd like to be very clear: we DO NOT have a limit for number of layouts posted in your member gallery. You are free to post as many layouts as you want each day.

    The Recent Photos section will display any layouts posted in member galleries for the day. We cannot control how long your layout will be displayed in this section as we cannot control the number of people posting in their galleries. However, your layout is not lost - you can use the history tabs to go back in the history of posting (1 day, 7 days, 14 days, etc.) to view other layouts in "descending" chronological order (most recent to earliest).

    For those who specifically want comments posted on their layouts, we encourage you to use our two dedicated spaces: Look At My Layout in the Gallery (3 layout a day limit), and the Look At My Layout Forum. We established these two sections for this very purpose. We hope that you enjoy them and take advantage of them.

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    Smile Thank you

    I want to thank you for the info. I really did not realize the difference in the LO pages! I have not posted many, because I have not kept track of where I got a lot of the freebies from...was so excited the first few months that I was downloading day/night! Trying to be better now in keeping track of where I get things, so if I don't credit you, please know that I greatly appreciate all of your talents!

    My buddies are OnieRN, Winnie49, Granny

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