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    Question Favorite Printer?

    Helppp everyone! I have a 3-month old printer that is already acting up. It's a Photosmart 6-cartridge printer. It's printing everything crooked and the HP help line needed us to take it apart and clean it!! Yikes - does anyone have a printer that they really like? The six cartridges have been sort of a pain because one of them always needs replacing.

    Any info would be so appreciated!!

    P.S. I think we're jinxed! We have had a TV for 1 year plus 3 weeks (past the warranty!) and it's failing, too!! Helpppp - we're jinxed!!

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    i love epson printers - had my latest one for nearly 4 years...they have online support and self fixing downloads - the epson cartridges themselves are expensive but you can buy cheaper non branded versions on ebay and you would never know the difference

    only down point i have with epson is.........they love chewing up heavier paper

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