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    Default working with effects

    I'm new to Scrapbook Max. I'ts very easy to use, thanks so much.
    I just can't find how to blurr or soften the edges only the edges of a picture.
    I'm stuck...help !

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    Hi. You can create custom edges, from blurry effects to cutout effects, using the "Custom Shape" feature for photos. To use this:

    1. Double click on the photo to bring up the "Photo Properties" window.
    2. Make sure the checkbox beside "Custom shape" is checked.
    3. Click on the "Change Shape" button to bring up the "Select Shape" window.
    4. In the category column on the left click on the "Edges" thumbnail.
    5. Using the scrollbar on the right to view them all, choose one of the custom edges in the "Files" area by double clicking on the thumbnail of your choice.
    6. Press '"OK" to close the "Photo Properties" window.

    There are several edge masks which will blur the edges so the best thing to do is try a few until you find one that suits you. You can also create edge masks in an image editor like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, and add them to your edges gallery. Hope that helps.
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