I found the perfect overlay at a place called designs-by-kristen or Kristens Scrap Trunk but their store seemed a bit funny so was afraid to order from them. It was by snowravens cave designs. When I placed it in my shopping cart, there was a note at the top "you might want to put instructions for using the shopping cart here" (which made me wonder how new the site was) and they wanted to charge me $5 for shipping when everyone else just sends them as downloads. So does anyone have an overlay of a stone wall I can have? Or do you know if this website is legit and safe to order from? And why don't they send as downloads? I was unable to find that same overlay anywhere else. It was very realistic looking and would have been perfect.

I want the stone wall for use with a St. Patty's Day kit I got from Fiona's store. So can anybody help me with this?