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Thread: Sharing layouts

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    Question Sharing layouts

    I just tried to share a layout to a forum that I belong to. I found the folder for the entire album my layout is in but not the individual file for the specific layout. This "album" has 10 layouts in it but I only want to share one, not the whole book. Also, how do I resize it so that it will qualify for the posting size? Thanks for helping a newbie out. I've been digital for about two weeks now.

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    To "share" a layout you have to "publish" it or save it to an image. Go to file>Publish to>images. Then when the window comes up, at the bottom where it says "full size" click the down arrow to save as "Web/email" That will make it the correct size. Then to find it go to My Documents>Scrapbook Max>published files>then the name of your scrapbook>Images> then the name of your scrapbook again. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you so much! That is exactly the information I needed.

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