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    Quote Originally Posted by OnieRN View Post
    I've never heard of "24" Could You Give me an overview?
    "24" is about fighting terrorism. Each episode is one hour in a 24 hour day-hence the name "24" It's a continuing series from week to week until the 24th hour. It is an intelligence agency working directly under the President and each season deals with a different terrorist group. This will be the 6th season. My DH just loves the show, but I hate the suspense of waiting from week to week to see what happens next. It has you on the edge of your chair wondering what is going to happen next. I usually tape the episodes and than watch 3 or 4 at a time-that way I can skip through the commercials and don't have to wait till the next week to see what happens next. But I don't get into it like my DH does--if I miss an episode it doesn't bother me; but it sure bothers my DH. hahaha! One of the main stars is Jack (Keifer Sutherland) and he makes the show!! Without him I don't think it would be as good.

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    Hey, John seems to know about it and says it's pretty good. This is our first year so it's about learning more and more about each other!!!!!!!!! lol

    So, I guess I'll get to learn more about it too!

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    Oh Boy...cant wait for it to start..have the try outs been on..I love watching those also..thanks Onie for letting us know..and yes Michelle it means you have to watch least for an hr a week LOL
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