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    Talking Scrappin' Bingo

    Hey all...I don't know how many of you go to my blog...But wanted to let you know that I am starting a Scrappin' Bingo game on my site...Whoever gets Blackout gets a free kit from me..Made especially for this game...Also I have a scavenger hunt going...Starts today...All you need to do is go to my homepage for my blog link, click on the Scrappin' Lounge blinkie that you will see on the right hand side, and download my Newsletter...All info is in there...Bingo starts January 5th...Should be real fun....Hope to see you all get your card...I made plenty and I distributed 52 already this morning...((HUGS))
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    I got my card..they are cute and neat idea by the way!

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    I still didn't get my card. But I know that you are really under the weather--so I can wait.

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