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    Hey Everyone! Long time no post, eh???

    Christmas and Pregnancy + 2 littles makes for no mama or scrapbook time!

    I did want to share some Christmas projects that I did using SBM - I have been into altered projects lately. THese were super fun.

    First, I made personalized planners for my nieces and nephews. I bought $1 planners from Michael's and just made new covers for them! (All papers, etc shown here are from Peppermint Creative)

    I also made an advent calender using a cookie sheet and printable magnets. (Papers from Dani Mogstad / designbydani)

    FInally - Here's the christmas card for this year!

    (template by peppermint creative)

    Please visit my SBM store!

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    Very cute Julie. Wow the kids are getting big, and they will seem even bigger when the little one arrives!

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