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    Default what program is needed for slideshows

    If I buy Scrapbook MAX!, does it allow me to play the scrapbook as a slideshow on tv or computer? Is there any way to let the people looking at it advance it slide by slide? If I save it to a DVD, can they watch it without having this software?

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    Scrapbook MAX! allows you to publish your scrapbooks as slideshows. You can burn these onto a CD-R for playback on a computer, and certain DVD players. Your viewers do not have to have the software in order to view your published project.
    You can set your slideshow to run automatically (and you can specify the amount of time between transitions), or it can be advanced slide-by-slide.

    I encourage you to read Chapter 6 "Publishing and Sharing" of our User's Guide which discusses publishing options, including the Slideshow CD option, in great detail. You'll find our Guide online at or in Scrapbook MAX! under Help> Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide.


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