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    Default Back Photos with Paper

    There needs to be an easier way to back photos. There should be a 'one-click' way to put a scrap behind a photo. Currently, we have to select scrap paper, size it, send it to the back. Its too cumbersome. Since it is a very common task, it should be simple.

    Example: Select photo. Click on 'paper scrap' and hit an option called 'Backing'. Then after we've selected the paper, it will be behind the photo and cropped.
    Note: We should also be able to select a default size of the margin around the photo.

    Hope someone can make this would be very helpful..thanks!!

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    I take alot of my scrapbooking stuff and keep it on desktop in a folder called scrap book.I also have a folder for pictures and what I do is open both and place them in bottom tool bar. Next I put on scrapbook max and start a blankpage.Then I open the folder that has all my paper and embellishments---pick what I want and drag and drop.A screen will popup and you can use it as a background. But if I want to use it as scrap paper I leave it as photo ---presto scrap paper and if you want to change it press change shape and pick a shape you like.I can do a layout in minutes.It is much faster this way.

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