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    Cool Help with Gimp

    Have downloaded Gimp and trying ti get the hang of it. If for example I select the paintbrush tool and use it how do I then go back to the normal mouse selection pointer? Hope that this is clear.

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    Hi ya!! I am am MEGA Gimp user.... trying to set up a tutorials page for it.... maybe in the next few months....I am a bit slow getting it done... to busy designing! LOL.

    Anywho.... when you are done with a tool just choose which tool you would like to use next from your tool menu. There isn't really a 'regular' pointer. some tools will use the standard cursor arrow but they still function in their individual tasks.... make sence? I am a bit tired tonight so sorry if it doesn't! LOL.... Feel free to ask if you still have more questions about this and by all means feel free to PM me anytime with Gimp questions.

    I will post in the forum when I eventually get my tutorials site up and running.

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